5 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. That orc’s face is just… wrong. As in, the art is subpar. Still, I remember those heady days. My first exposure to WoW was a moody two-page advertisement in a magazine, what I later learned to be Stranglethorn Vale. It was a great painting and really set the mood. I wanted to go explore the world of Warcraft at eye level. I was really excited, having loved Warcraft and Warcraft 2. When I found out it was a subscription game, I felt betrayed and didn’t even think about it again for a few years. It took a few *more* years before I bought in and played for a while. It was still great to explore Azeroth, but the ticking meter sours the experience.

  2. I remember those days. My thoughts were “Why the hell would anyone want to play a cartoony RPG based on an IP that was only used in an RTS when the sequel to Everquest is coming out?” I remember dismissing the advice of a very young Best Buy cashier, inwardly sneering at him really, who told me I should consider reserving a copy of WoW the day I picked up my copy of EQII.

    Boy was I wrong.

  3. Reviews and strategies for Anarchy Online a couple of months after it was released. Not quite the same as today, that would have been old news much sooner.

  4. Wow: Zoo Tycoon, MechWarrior IV expansion and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
    Those were the days!

    Wait, hold on, this is supposed to be about the WoW art, isn’t it (A)

    Still remember the days when WoW was first shown, looked awesome and fun.
    Just sad that 10 years later, it still looks almost the same.
    I would love if they ever did a high-res graphics pack for WoW.

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