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Guild Wars 2 makes me feel like I was slacking in Guild Wars 1 class: “Now, if you had really paid attention, you would appreciate the significance of all these ruins!”

But then again, I’m kind of glad I’m not that far gone, you know?

3 thoughts on “Class

  1. I know you played some of the original but did you beat it? If not, you might find the story summary series by Wooden Potatoes pretty enjoyable. I didnt play the first one beyond the searing so a lot of GW2’s setting was lost on me. The videos caught me up and were actually just fun to watch with all the custom art and narration. It won’t get you to the “those random ruins mean this!” line but it’s a great way to get the whole original story in manageable way.

  2. I played a fair bit of GW1 on and off and I spot a few things here and there, but what I’m really beginning to realize is how similar the actual gameplay design is. Personal Stories are particularly reminiscent of GW1 instances. The NPCs that invariably tag along and fight alongside you make it feel very much like running a GW1 instance with a bunch of henchmen, only the GW2 ones do a better job.

    The whole open-group everything happening at once while you try to complete an objective also strongly reminds me of working through an instance in GW1 with half a dozen henchmen and several NPCs. I have the same sense of organized chaos where I don’t have all that much say in the result and often end up winning while lying on my face in the dust as someone else finishes the job.

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