RIFT’s ants are in my pants

Despite several options to pursue at max level right now in RIFT, I’m feeling a bit directionless.  Part of this comes from the knowledge of November’s expansion pack, which kind of negates any current pursuit of gear upgrades.  I’m itching to level again, to get those 10 extra soul points and a new soul to play with, and the idea of housing just out of my reach is driving me mad.

I was all on fire to plow through Ember Isle, but I’m less on fire these days for it.  It’s still proving to be at least a slog, if not a tough slog, with regular mobs boasting enough hit points to make every fight last longer than I’d like.  Right now I’ve pared down my focus for that zone to be the main storyline, and even with that I don’t know how far I’m going to go with it.  I do hope the end results will be worth it.  Maybe this is a great zone for those who have all purple gear and needed a good challenge, but it kind of makes me feel like I’m dog paddling like mad to stay above water.

So here are a few options I’ve been mulling over to cover the time between now and November 13th:

  1. Start a new character (most likely a mage) and level him/her to 50 using dungeons and instant adventures.  This has a lot of appeal for me, seeing as how it will be pretty new, take the focus off questing, and group up more.  The mage has a couple great pet classes, plus I really like the battle mage soul coming with the xpack.  The downside of this is spreading my interest between alts too wide.
  2. Keep at Ember Isle until completed.  Right now that gets a big “meh” from me.
  3. Nix Ember Isle and go back to do other level 50ish zones that I leap frogged to get to EI.  Shimmersands is something I’ve never done before.
  4. Go back to my focus on achievement hunting, particularly for all the lowbie zones that I missed my first time through (most of those being on the Defiant side).
  5. Just run IAs and dungeons on my cleric to keep my edge and gradually gear up.
  6. Shift my focus to doing the sagas.  I don’t know how feasible this is, particularly without strong guild support.

I haven’t really decided any which way here, but I’m perhaps most tempted with the first and fourth options.  I’m not complaining about my ants — if anything, RIFT has so much to do that I’m unlikely to be bored in the near future.  It’s just that I need a set goal for my own personal satisfaction.

For those of you playing RIFT, what were your goals at level 50?

5 thoughts on “RIFT’s ants are in my pants

  1. Ardua and I were just discussing this last night ourselves. We’ve always meant to go back to do the content we skipped because of outleveling it. I’m not really sure why we haven’t done that yet. It seems to be our best option. I also want to roll up a new character/duo but I’m going to hold off until Storm Legion so I can have the new soul from the start. The reason I want a new character is not only the new soul but also because Guardians and Defiants will be able to share quests. So this way we can do all the things!
    Of course right now most of my time is consumed with City of Heroes things. But I won’t be forgetting Rift either.

  2. To answer the question, my immediate plan is to level up my mage (currently lvl30) and do the EI questline (for the 4th time). It takes about 4-5 hours if one only does the main storyline. Also, delete one of my lowbie characters and make a Kelari char to bring into my (guardian) guild. Because i can. 🙂

    @Maressa: maybe i understand it wrong but i’m not sure you’ll be able to do the other faction’s quests. The NPCs are supposed to remain hostile. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

  3. Some things on my to-do list:

    1. Cult Saga, for Defiant in my case (you should be able to do the vast majority of this without a guild if you use the dungeon finger).
    2. Doing dailies and pugging Abyssal Precipice to get Icewatch rep and get myself a fancy parka costume.
    3. Random achievements! I just finished all the “Jump!” quests where you have to hurl yourself off various bridges across Telara.
    4. Tomorrow’s patch will bring a new world event, the Autumn Harvest!

    Thanks to smore’s post above me, now I want to finish my EI questline, too. 🙂

  4. What shard(s) are you all on that you’re able to get into IAs? I just came back to the game almost a week ago to see all these new things (in particular the IAs) and I’ve been me with empty raids most of the time. Today was the first time we got up to 5 people and actually managed to get anything done.

    I was really hoping this would be a decent alternative to level with as the questing in RIFT was rather lacking back at launch (and I haven’t heard of any major changes to it). I have 3 characters just under 40 and was looking for something to do this time back (IA wasn’t available last time I came back).

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