11 MMOs I’d be playing right now (if I had the time)

Even with juggling (or, some days, attempting to juggle) four games, I cannot remain faithful to these few in my mind.  I’m just fascinated with MMOs in general, and there’s always so, so many more I’d be playing if I had the time.  And I’m not just talking about a spare weekend — I’m talking “If I lived alone, had no jobs but infinite money, and possibly six or seven clones” time.

So since there’s no way I can add anything else to my plate right now without taking something off, I might as well just get it all out here on paper.  If I had the time, here are ten additional MMOs I’d be playing right now:

1. Dungeons & Dragons Online: For all its user un-friendliness, there’s nothing *quite* like it in 3D MMO space — and nothing that is as “D&D”.  The cross-campaign focus is pretty attractive as well.

2. Champions Online: Between City of Heroes’ impending demise and Champions’ third anniversary, I’m really tempted to roll up a new suit.  I like that you can now purchase freeform characters from the shop for F2P instead of just archetypes.

3. Vanguard: Ah, free-to-play, you siren call you.  This is a world that I’d love to explore, particularly with some of its more unique classes and diplomacy system, but it also telegraphs to me that it’s a time hog.  And there’s no time for love, Dr. Jones.

4. Star Trek Online: I miss my ship and space combat.

5. Allods Online: With its recent expansion, Allods continues to increase its allure.  If I was dirt-poor and this was the only F2P game on the market, I’m sure I’d be happy dithering about in it and nothing else.  But it doesn’t offer much above what I’m getting in my current games.

6. Anarchy Online: I always return to AO like a boomerang of nostalgia.  Maybe once again when/if the graphical update comes.

7. Fallen Earth: I always feel guilty when I think of Fallen Earth.  I have a gut feeling it might not be long for this world right now, and it remains the best post-apocalyptic MMO out there.  Ugh, if only, if only.

8. Magic Online: Not quite an MMO, but I mentally lump it in with the crowd nevertheless.  I miss my Magic fix, and really wish they had something on the iPhone for it.

9. Pirate101 beta: And soon to come, Pirate101’s launch.  I wish my kids were older, because I think we’d play this together.

10. Star Wars: The Old Republic: I want to see how my Bounty Hunter’s story ends.  I might return with F2P to see how the game’s shaped up since I left.  And I really wish I could just play the story quests and ignore the side quests. Maybe with loads of dungeon runs.

11. Glitch: I have a feeling that I need to give Glitch another chance, that this could really grow on me.  And I have a feeling that if I did that, I’d find myself up until 2 am in the morning.

10 thoughts on “11 MMOs I’d be playing right now (if I had the time)

  1. I’ve been feeling bad about never giving LotRO a go like forever and I would probably add FF14 to that list, too. by now it’s ell worth a shot if you actually have time, especially as an ex-FF11 player. 🙂 but yeah….I have to prioritize. 🙂

  2. I’m unemployed at the moment, so I have some time, but paying a subscription seems irresponsible when I have lifetime subs to LotRO and STO, and GW2 is free.

    1) Fallen Earth – I was playing, dropped sub due to unemployment.
    2) EVE Online – I did a trial post-Inferno after letting my sub lapse… in fall 2004.
    3) EverQuest II – It seems every time I mention a feature someone should add to MMGs, someone pops up and says, “Yeah, they added that to EQ2 a few years ago.”
    4) Mechwarrior Online – Stretching the definition of MMORPG. I know it’s not *quite* out yet, but if it was, I wouldn’t have time for it anyway.
    5) Vanguard – I never tried it, but I wanted to.
    6) Wurm Online – As VG.
    7) The Secret World – Everyone I know who actually tried it loved it.
    8) Asheron’s Call – But they say you can’t go back to your first love.

  3. I’ll play too! Or rather, I’d play if I had time….

    1) Eve – it’s been at or near the top of my to-play list since shortly after it launched
    2) SWTOR – same as you Syp
    3) DAoC – my desire for this game is fueled purely by nostalgia. By all rights, it was an average game with one interesting hook, but it was MY average game
    4) DDO – again, nostalgia. Just like the first movie I watched with my wife (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) I will always remember DDO as the first MMO I played with my wife.
    5) AO – just like Bad Boys doesn’t count as the first movie I saw with my wife (because we sat in different rows) AO doesn’t count as the first MMO we played together, because we only played the beta
    6) Star Trek Online – If only to scratch my Trek itch. Re-watching old episodes will only get you so far.
    7) DCUO – I feel like this game deserves a 2nd chance. I really wanted to like it
    8) Secret World – As with DCUO, except multiplied by 5
    9) EQII – I have a friend who’s played EQII for years and swears it’s incredible. I’ve never tried it with him though
    10) Asheron’s Call – I loved this game like no one should love a game… but at this point I’d only want to log in to see if they found a reason to nuke Arwic again
    11) Rift – Technically, I’m still subscribed (seduced by the siren call of $99 for a whole year – that’s only $8.25 a month! I’ve logged in about 5 times since I did that 8 months ago…)

  4. This is my big bugbear, I want to play a variety of games but the time just isn’t there.

    1. Rift – I loved playing this, but dropped it when friends moved on. I am *so* tempted to get the year + expansion deal before the expansion launches as that’s a crazy good offer.

    2. LoTRO – well this isn’t money, I have a lifetime, but the game is technically growing faster than I have leveled since I ‘burned out’ getting through the 40s to hit Moria.

    3. EQ2 – I would probably still be playing this casually as I love the crafting and housing but SoE decided (or was forced to) dump on all the Euro playerbase from a great height and I just can’t support anything they do anymore.

    4. Vanguard – see 3 above

    5. Tera – I did a 7 day trial and sort of loved the action combat, especially the rather unique effect that has on healing. Sadly I didn’t make it into the level 20 dungeon, would have loved to have given proper group healing a try in the game.

  5. I, too, feel guilty for not getting in to Fallen Earth more often. Absolutely love the setting, lore, and FPS game play, but there’s still so many technical issues (mainly mobs rubber-banding) along with the insane amount of inventory management that it finally broke my will to log in.

    The icon still sits on my desktop, so I haven’t completely given up hope, I suppose.

    @Syl: I’ll probably give FFXIV a shot again once it relaunches. Former FFXI player here, too. 🙂

  6. COH. The fact that I’m not playing this game right now makes me feel ashamed of myself. I feel like an ungrateful child vacationing in Hawaii (i.e., playing GW2) while his lone surviving parent wastes away in a hospice. I probably had more honest to god fun playing COH than any other MMO. The fact that it’ll all be gone soon makes me feel like I have an ethical duty to log on and play some of my old toons, to get to bit of closure before I have to say goodbye to them forever.

    And LOTRO. I always feel a guilty for not playing more LOTRO. The game’s gorgeous. I love how they added gobs of stuff to help roleplayers actually RP in the game. I’d love to see the new content. Turbine strikes me as a great company. I’d love to support them. But, yeah, like Telwyn, I got burnt out by the time I got Moria.

    I found DCUO to be a lot more fun than I expected. I imagine, too, that I’ll eventually give TSW and SWTOR another try someday.

  7. I still have STO installed… and Wizard 101… and Magic Online… and Allods Online… and RIFT… and DDO… and PoxNora… thinking someday I’ll have time to play. That somehow never happens. I’m sure MechWarrior Online, MechWarrior Tactics, FFXI, Pirate 101, Puzzle Pirates, SWTOR and more will all be in the same position at some point. Good games, all, in one way or another, I just don’t have time. *shrug*

  8. Time is the biggest constraint isn’t it? I have a list of games and MMO’s approaching triple digits that I have delusions of “playing one day”. *sigh*

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