Parsnips and Turnips

No overarching topic comes to mind today, so here’s an update on what I’ve been doing in each of my four MMOs:


Turbine’s flipped on the switch for the Buried Treasure event this week for the… I think… third time, and I made a beeline for it the second it opened.  My goal is to see if I can’t snag a goat for my captain, who only has the 60% morale goat in her stable.  Forget horses, do you hear me Riders of Rohan?  Goats!  Dem goats!

There are now two goats in the event, one that is found via digging and is quite rare, and the other which can be earned but costs a boggling 1000 tokens.  I’m only a quarter of the way to meeting that goal, and I don’t know if I can do it in the next three days.  If nothing else, I’ll be stocking up for the next time it comes around.

October 15th is creeping up rather quickly, and I really do need to put my LOTRO house in order.  Mental note: put it in order.


I’m just about done with Ember Isle with my Cleric.  Done as in, “I’ve had it with this zone,” not done as in “Finished it!”  It just feels like a slog having to burn down standard mobs, and I haven’t the patience nor interest for it.

So instead, I’ve rolled a new Dwarf mage with a long walrus moustache, and am going to see how far I can get him toward 50 in the remaining two months.  I think I can do it, just focusing on Instant Adventures and dungeons.  Since all of my veteran rewards have given every new character a wealth of potions, I’ve got about 25-30 XP boosters to use as well.  I figure I have nothing to lose other than just having fun and not worrying about questing or whatnot.  If he makes it and I end up bonding with him, great; if not, I’ve got a 50 cleric and rogue on standby for Storm Legion.

The Secret World

Update 2 finally came out this week, and I’m already working on the first investigation quest.  Man, it’s nice to go back to Kingsmouth, as weird as that sounds.  Egypt is just not agreeing with my sensibilities.

I’m very torn on my build at the moment.  Right now I’m pursuing the (I think) Paladin sword/guns line, but it’s not thrilling me muchly.  I’m considering saving up my SP and AP to invest into assault rifles instead, because shooting things is more fun to me than slicing them, and AR has some nice heals — or so I’ve heard.

I’m also eager to hear what Update 3 has in store, since we’ll be seeing that (fingers crossed) in the next week or so.

Guild Wars 2

My march to 100% map completion continues.  I’ve finished up all but one of the 15-25 zones, and am saving up for my first 30-point elite skill.  I really don’t feel rushed in doing this, except when I talk with my friends and find that they’re in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, while I’m still puttering around at level 44.  Then again, I’m realizing just how meaningless levels are, other than to keep you from shooting up through zones and your personal story too quickly.

Making money is still a huge priority, and I’m not doing too shabbily.  I’m raking in a gold every few days, more or less depending on how the trading post does.  Half of what I earn on a given day I save, mostly for my level 60 2 gold training tome, and half I use to buy gems.  I’ve got 7 character slots now, and once I hit 8 (one for every class), I’ll probably look to buy minis and other luxuries.

The engineer is a blast and I’m certainly not regretting my choice in it.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about my next character, some long time in the future from now.  My mind is mulling over what I want to do with that character, because I don’t think I’ll be doing 100% map completion on all of them.  I’d like to get into crafting later on, once I’m a lot more financially stable, but other than just to aimlessly wander, I can’t think of a vastly different tack to take.


7 thoughts on “Parsnips and Turnips

  1. GL with your mage in Rift! Sorry to hear that EI isn’t working out for you. I kinda liked the zone when I was still playing, but I tend to cap toons and then start an alt, so I didn’t really do all that much with my cleric once I’d hit 50.

    For TSW, i didn’t really care for Egypt either, but I rather enjoyed the Transylvania zones once I got to them. I’m back in Egypt now to work on getting the quest achievements and actually haven’t logged in all that much the past few days as a result. But now that 1.2 is out I’m gonna be heading back to KM and working the new missions. Plus I need to get me a rocket launcher. . . . . .

  2. Don’t feel bad about the level in GW2, man. I’m like you, a perpetual explorer, and I hit 40 without ever touching a zone above 25. Right now, I’m 42. I really don’t mind being “behind” as I’m not in any rush. Just enjoy the experience through with your first tune. Maxing experience and efficient leveling can be done with alts. 🙂

  3. Egypt was by a very long way my favorite part of TSW (apart from London). Just being in sunshine, with blue skies was wonderful, but I also liked the characters there a lot.

    What didn’t you like about it?

  4. I like the characters, I’ve just never been a fan of desert/middle eastern zones in any video games. I don’t exactly know why, but it’s an uphill battle to get me to like them.

  5. I’m working towards Paladin as well in TSW. I am planning to try some of the abilities in the “sharpening the senses” sword line to see if they can give me a little more self healing oomph than the abilities I currently have slotted, even though that line does not lead to any paladin abilities (at least that I recall from my desk at work). In particular I’m hoping “Point of Harmony” will give me better healing throughput on a shorter cooldown than the martial discipline combo, while also letting me slot an additional defensive passive (maybe sixth sense from the same line). My current build tears up normal foes, but some boss fights are more challenging than I like.

  6. @yeebo — For solo work, I found that a chaos/blade combo using Immortal Spirit, Lick Your Wounds (later replaced with Circulation), and Healing Sparks works most excellently. I use Run Rampant (chaos) as a single-target burst builder, so it fires off Healing Sparks. I use 4 Horseman as my ST consumer since it’s also a Burst. For my blade abilities I use Forking Paths and Clearing the Path. Between these I can do good damage whether vs mob packs or single-target bosses. Add in Bloodsport to give Affliction so that CtP always penetrates, and . . . yeah, I’m golden. The whole build is:

    Active — Martial Discipline, Art of War (or Spinning Swirl for when you don’t have the AP), Illusion, Run Rampant, 4 Horseman, CtP, Forking Paths

    Passive — Bloodsport, Iron Maiden, 12 Gouge, Flight of Daggers, Immortal Spirit, Circulation (or Lick your Wounds), Healing Sparks.

    I tweak it as necessary — sometimes on “hard” missions I’ll swap out Flight of Daggers and put in Empowerment for even more healing, Iron Maiden isn’t actually a big deal since CtP always penetrates, so I’ll swap it out for other things from time to time, etc. Still…. overall I find this build to be a good mix of dps and survivability for both the packs of mobs as well as the bosses. I made it all the way through Transylvania just wearing green talismans, including all the hard missions.

    The only downside is that it’s a pure melee build. If you get a runner, it can be a bit annoying, but that doesn’t happen too often.

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