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Quote of the Day

“I love Ree, I love her work in building the world of GW2, I love a number of the other characters I’ve come across, I just don’t love me.  I’m too perfect, too good.  To all-star hot-shot knows-it-all.  Sure everyone wants to be that, but here’s the exciting part; we’re not!!  And it’s in trying to be better where our stories become interesting, not in being super-duper off the bat.  In RP, we call such characters ‘Mary Sues.'”


8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I’m normally a lurker, and don’t usually feel compelled to comment, but that quote is bang on. I want an ugly, warts and all character, not this smart-ass level 1 great hero. I annoy me in GW2.

  2. I’m just doing the same thing I do when I love a book and watch the movie version — I have to separate the two in my head. My character’s personal story is a story I’m being told, not a personal story. I’ll RP my own personal story, thanks. (My Asura would not be blind and stupid about making her invention a reality at all costs — pushy, yes, but stupid? Not a chance. That was the breaking point for me.)

  3. My Charr personal story starts off ok but very soon there’s far too much of the Great Hero nonsense going on. Most of my warband died before I even met them and by the time I’m level two or three I’m the new Warband leader, then I get promoted again, then again.. I get given unlimited time to do personal stuff, get sent on secret missions, leave the warband I just recruited because I have a more important job etc etc.

    That’s all by Level 40, by which time I have completely lost interest. Probably won’t bother to do any more of it.

  4. A spot-on comment. Not that I have played much of GW2 yet, but that applies in general for any storylines in MMOs and other games. If it is too perfect, it is boring.

    I general create and imagine my characters to have various flaws and issues – not totally hopeless cases, but far from being any perfect heroes.

    This is one reason I tend to play a bit more on whatever is perceived as the more evil/villainous side in a multi-faction system; character personality development becomes more interesting.

  5. What? The rumblings of discontent? People don’t want to be the Superhero of Tyria? Say it ain’t so!

    Much like Tairgire, I follow the stories without ascribing much of them to my actual characters.

  6. Damn I just wanted to be a downtrodden servant to the empire! How dare they make my character the focal point of the story and how dare they make me look like a super model!

  7. My asura screws up and gets called an idiot repeatedly by Zooja, and I don’t even want to talk about a mistake my main made with horrifying consequences, even if it wasn’t entirely her fault. And then there’s my drunken joy-riding norn. I don’t think party girls can be Mary Sues. My only annoyance is that after some (mostly) enjoyable companions, my story gets hijacked by an utterly boring plant with creepy yellow eyes.

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