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Five Good Things III: The Dream Warriors

It’s Monday.  I’m sick.  And the baby has us in a seven-day-plus holding pattern right now as we wait for the labor to go full-force, which has caused no end to disruptions in our lives.  So let’s talk about five good things, shall we?

1. Driving: AV jacks in cars

Both our new and previous van had one of the greatest features ever: a small hole.  That hole allows me to plug my iPhone into the stereo system, and I love it to death.  No more fiddling with custom CDs, horrible radio tuners that never work, or other workarounds — now I can just jump in, plug in, and listen to my incredibly bizarre playlist.  I was trying to calculate the odds that one other person on this planet has the same collection of songs that I do, and I feel confident that it’s zero.  Except for you.  You and I share a special bond, we do.

2. Book: Pines

I’m on a hot streak when it comes to gripping books lately, and the most recent I finished (well, second most recent) was Pines by Blake Crouch.  Pines is kind of blowing up the Amazon charts right now, and for good reason.  It’s tense, inventive, and wrecks your mind in all sorts of good ways.

I don’t want to spoil it, because it’s one of those kind of books, but it’s more or less the story of a Secret Service agent who wakes up after an accident in a very creepy town out West.  Everyone’s seemingly against him, and he can’t quite seem to escape.  Figuring out what’s going on is what’ll keep you flipping through it.

3. TV: Fall DVD season

Oh, how I love the fall, because that’s when all of the shows that I’ve patiently waited to see finally come out on DVD.  We don’t watch TV, so this is the time where I catch up on the previous year.  I’m drowning in seasons of Community, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, The Office, Warehouse 13, and so much more.  It’s bliss.

4. Seasonal: Halloween decorations

Halloween’s my favorite holiday, especially how people and stores get all into decorations.  The mix of creepy and goofy fun appeals to the child in me and makes me happy that the leaves are falling.  Plus, homeowners who go all out and do their entire yard up in spooky decorations always get a full-stop from me when I’m driving.

5. Food: Gyro meat

Detroit is rolling in Greek restaurants and diners, which means that I don’t have to go far for a gyro.  Recently I’ve discovered how much I crave this type of meat, especially on salads.


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