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LOTRO: Bouts of madness

With my Captain in LOTRO finished with her epic story and sitting pretty for the expansion, I have no business left with her until October 15th.  So I had a bout of madness yesterday going, “Ooh, I’ll roll an alt!”  And I got about an hour into it when I started slapping myself across the face saying, “What are you thinking, man?  This is ludicrous!  This alt will never amount to anything; there’s too much content to tackle and no time to do it in.  Besides, don’t you play like three other MMOs?  Are you trying to become the first person who intentionally created multiple personalities through erratic gaming?”

Delete character.  Whew.  Thank you, mind.

Of course, that still left me with little to do and I kind of wanted a project to focus on for these final couple pre-expansion weeks.  So why not, I thought, dig out my Lore-master and see if I can’t get him prepped for Rohan too?

It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve touched my LM.  He was certainly dusty, with overflowing bags and a small fortune in gold that was doing nobody any favors.  I started out by clearing up his inventory and rearranging the UI to my new favorite configuration (which means that most every element is on the bottom, including the map).  I also finally broke down and resized the inventory because these teeny-tiny icons on a large resolution weren’t doing my eyes any favors.

Next up: A new outfit.  A good practical outfit.  One of the frustrations with working with LOTRO’s males is that they have these abnormally skinny waists that make tight-fitting outfits look ridiculous.  So I tend to prefer robes and heavy armor.  My LM got new black duds and prepared for adventure.

While I know I have two books to go with him on the epic storyline, there was a greater issue to tackle: his squishiness.  I gave up playing him in RoI because he just kept dying, even though that build had served me well up until that point.  I liked my Bog-lurker, but the LM blue line is fragmented and not focused at all.  So now I’m red, although I still am trying to keep my eagle pet in operation.

The issue, I found, wasn’t in my gear or build, but ultimately in my virtues.  When I first rolled this character, I pursued one or two vitality (health) virtues and then concentrated on loads of fate after that.  In doing some research, I found that pretty much no other LMs had my configuration of virtues, preferring ones like zeal and fidelity instead for better bonuses and resistances.  This meant that I had to rethink my virtue build — and go back to get all of these new ones that I now needed.

That’s a monumental task.  Out of the five virtues that I now have, only one is at 11 (out of 14) and the rest range from rank 2 to 7.  That meant I had to draw up a list of where all of these virtues were at, cross off the few I had done, and start backtracking my way across Middle-earth.

Again, a bout of madness, but this time with a much more noble purpose.

Whether or not I can get my virtues up to date and my build smoothed out by Riders of Rohan is kind of irrelevant.  I’ll still play on day one with my Captain, so I’m not feeling pressure to get all of this done.  But it’s a substantial challenge, and I look forward to having a more solid and sturdy character at the end.

10 thoughts on “LOTRO: Bouts of madness

  1. Its a great time to tinker with alts, if you are not a fan of new ones, or don’t like starting ones that won’t amount to anything (that is not an issue that bothers my wife!) then this is a great way to tackle it.

    I have been tinkering on higher alts that tend to get ignored, whilst like yourself, they may not be 100% ready, they will be nearer ready come this time next year when I am done with ROR and thinking about working on them some more!

  2. I always have 5 red traits with improved sticky gourd running.. then the other two traits could be whatever you like I suppose. 🙂 I tend to use the two healing traits or fast loader for interrupts. I just don’t find anything else viable (even in instances, though I will trait Ancient Master for T2 raids.) I used to rely on the eagle for flank heals back in MoM days, but I’ve found killing things fast with sticky gourd and ents works much better. LM is my main and I never once found it too squishy going this route, though I’ll admit, she’s generally always been geared with the best there is. Get in there, whack mobs with staff strike and your auto attack and aoe burn them down! :p

    As for traits, I go zeal, fidelity, tolerance, valour and innocence.. and to be honest those never change whether I’m soloing of doing a T2 CM ToO.

  3. Good job on getting rid of the fate, it’s a very inefficient stat, and the reason other lore-masters don’t trait it, is because you get WAY more ICPR and crit from direct stats on your items. E.g. 1 fate = ~1.75 crit rating. So if you rank out Idealism, you get 42 fate = 73.5 crit rating. Now think about all these items which give you +300 or +600-700 crit rating. In fact, it’s much more efficient to go for items with that than for items with fate. I just go with the stuff that has most will/tact mastery, vit/morale and crit these days.

    I too go for vit and mitigation on virtues, not only because we don’t have that much of it, but also because the 42 will or less from traits such as Wisdom is a drop in the ocean with the amounts of tactical mastery we have now. The virtues just didn’t keep up with our booming stats when they removed the caps with RoI.

    Good luck with working on your lore-master, it’s an amazing class!

  4. Lol! I loved that the first thing you thought to do on your character after clearing your bags and setting the UI was “get a new outfit”. 😀

    Yay for goals! You mentioned before your lack of desire to work slayer deeds; one way to break the monotony is to break set mini-targets and shift areas (work multiple deeds) to see a change of scenery.

  5. Yay, I’m not the only one with virtues on 2! Wahoo. Okay, so that’s on my hunter who was sitting on lvl 64 for a year or so, but that doesn’t matter 😛

    When I dug out my LM a couple of months back, I also felt like…huh, what’s going on? Traits got changed quite dramatically and red line is now the DPS LM’s best friend indeed. My bear is out and about much more as well (so I can hide behind him), or else it’s my lynxie 🙂

    Good luck on grinding those virtues, you’re gonna need it 😛

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