Ding! Level one human.

45 thoughts on “Ding! Level one human.

  1. Big congrats! Enjoy (remember eventually you’ll get to sleep again, and DiaperGenie is your friend ).

  2. Why couldn’t you get a panda like everyone else?!

    Congratulations, and may the little one’s Bartle type score highly for Socialiser and Achiever :)

  3. Congratulations! I hope Mom and baby are well.I have to say, after recently having my first and witnessing the miracle of birth I have to wonder why anyone in their right mind would do that more than once :)

    All the best Syp!

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  5. Congratulations! Ah yes, the grinding for Cheerios. The questing for shiny, blinky things! Let it all begin!

  6. Aww! A huge congrats to you Syp!! I hope you and your wife are doing well and my bestest wishes for the new addition to your family!

  7. Congratulations! Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but: boy or girl? Can’t tell from the starter clothes…

  8. Thanks all! It’s a boy, his name is Benjen (and yes, we pulled it from Game of Thrones, just because it sounded cool).

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