Looking for the same guild

So I’m not going to come off looking smart in this story, but just remember: This happened while I was extremely sleep-deprived from a newborn child who has no respect for proper schedules.  If you feel like making fun of me, just remember I have access to a person that can projectile poo.


I don’t know what it is about RIFT, but ever since I came back to the game, I’ve been cursed against finding a good guild match.  I mean, seriously, I’ve gone through guilds like tissue paper, hopping across servers (yay free transfers), and trying them out, one after another.  Usually by the end of a week or so in a game, I can find a strong pairing that works and I’ll settle in for good.  But for whatever reason, perhaps I was being too picky or I just wasn’t looking in the right places, none of the guilds suited me.

They were too big — and nobody knew my name nor I theirs.  They were too small, with two other players online at any given time decidedly not talking to the others. They said they were casual, but that was a bald-faced lie to cover up the extreme raid focus.  Or, for the most part, I just found no compelling reason to stay.  I wasn’t being anti-social, and if I couldn’t get a rapport going with people and see that there were those bonds going on, it was a sign to move on.

I didn’t feel bad about guild-hopping, because you need to be a good fit for a guild and vice-versa to get anything out of it.  I knew I wanted a guild that was extremely friendly, non-discriminatory toward casual players, somewhat mature, active, and making an effort to do group activities that weren’t just raiding.  And I had to connect with them.

I was starting to get panicked because I know that if I fail to settle down with a guild, my time in a game is numbered.  It’s just how it is with me, and I know myself well enough to make it a priority.  But it’d been since May that I’ve been back to RIFT, and the longest stay I’ve had in any guild is probably two weeks at a go.

So last night I started to do some research online, scroll through forum threads and write down the names of some promising guilds.  I found a couple on a different server I’d never been to, and decided to transfer over for the week.

RIFT has a really nice guild finder system that helps you look through short ads for recruiting guilds.  They’re listed by number of players in them, so the bigger guilds get the advantage there, but it does help to weed out the ones that are too tiny for my preferences.  What I like to do is to find a handful of prospects and shoot them a little message telling them that here’s what I’m looking for in a guild and I’m interested in hearing more about theirs from an officer.  Even if it’s not a formal interview, a little back-and-forth chat can do wonders to finding a match.

So I shot off about six “I’m interested” notices and settled in for the night.  Before long I had a couple responses, as well as a direct email from a familiar-sounding name.

It took me a minute to place it.  I was really really tired, remember.

So what happened is that I had looked up and applied to my old guild — without realizing it.  This was the guild I was a part of back in my first tour of duty in RIFT last year.  When I left the game, I gradually lost contact with them and honestly thought they had disbanded at some point.  Also in my defense is that we were all on a different server.

We had a good laugh over it and I felt incredibly silly, but also happy to know my friends were still in the game and willing to welcome me back.  They said that while the guild almost died due to other games and whatnot, the expansion is drawing interested parties back in scores.

Thus concludes the story of when Syp reapplied to the same guild he was once in without realizing it.  D’oh.


2 thoughts on “Looking for the same guild

  1. Liore October 9, 2012 / 1:45 pm

    It sounds like you’ve already found a good home (again! hee hee) but I am still going to pitch my guild, Catari Honour Guard on Deepwood. We’re small but chatty and understand what casual means. Plus we have a ton of bloggers. 🙂

  2. Jayes October 10, 2012 / 5:41 pm

    Check out Decimation on Deepwood. Lots of former Warhammer Online members.

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time, hope you find a good home!

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