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Centaur attack!

Sometimes I wonder if we should be judging MMOs less by their features and more by memorable moments that they deliver.  A good memorable moment, whether it’s a great story, a funny aside, something interesting another player does, or a spontaneous event, usually makes me far more affectionate toward a title than before.

So today’s memorable moment was in Guild Wars 2.  I was working my way through a Centaur camp that had been retaken by the NPCs, and trying to figure out where I needed to go to get a particular vista.  Right then an event was sounded and I got the message that the centaurs were on the way to retake the camp.  I ambled over to the gate, and as my Asura crested the hill, I saw an absolute swarm of bad guys headed our way.  We’re not talking five or 10 here, but easily 30.  I “eeped” and started laying down turrets like mad, trying to create a front line.  I only succeeded in slowing them down for about ten seconds before getting pasted, but it was enough time for other players to start trickling in and the good NPCs to swing into action.

I rezzed and ran back to the fight, this time joining forces with the others to wall off the rest of the camp and force the invaders into a choke point.  It was a mad crazy eight minutes of combat, with wave after wave of centaurs charging in, and several times I had to retreat to heal up before heading back into the fight.

It was somewhere in the middle of it all, with my turrets blazing and my Asura lighting everything in sight up with her flamethrower, that I started laughing.  It was just an awesome moment, maybe a “you had to be there” moment, but one of those completely unexpected treats that make Guild Wars 2 so scrumptious.

6 thoughts on “Centaur attack!

  1. I totally read the last paragraph imagining the light of your asura’s flamethrower reflecting in your eyes as your menacing laughter echoing the room.

  2. I played through that same event last Wednesday night (and then did it again on Friday just for the heck of it), and it was an absolute treat. I’ve never seen anything like it before in any game, I don’t think. Total mayhem, and brilliant fun – deaths not withstanding 🙂

  3. yep, I’m with you on the centaur area. As dynamic ‘player-driven’ content it’s arguably the best I’ve seen in GW2 so far. The design just works in terms of encouraging players to pitch-in and create that marvelous chaos of possible outcomes.

    I’ve had similar experiences in Rift with invasions, not always but often enough to appreciate that these moments really help keep you motivated to play said game.

  4. You wouldn’t by any chance be on Tarnished coast would you? I could have sworn I saw you. I was the huge norn named Rhiona with The Glastons guild tag.

    I have been reading your blog for ages and now I have a dumb question. Are you the same Syp who was a Glaston in Warhammer?

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