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Quote of the Day

“To this day, my husband and I giggle about the time when we were playing on a WoW PvP server and some undead rogue kept ganking us.  And then, realizing he was outmatched, he jumped into the water (since undead can stay underwater longer).  Welp, as a druid I shapechanged into a seal so as to swim faster and catch up with him.  Plus, seals can stay underwater indefinitely.  I chased him down and beat him to death with mah flippers (very slowly).”

~ Hawtpants of the Old Republic

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. What is it about rogues? I recall getting my orc warrior getting jumped by a gnome rogue in Hellfire. He had me stunned and down at 50% before I was able to break out and flatten him. He had me dead to rights and I still won – and I suck, absolutely suck, at PvP.

    How bad do you have to be to get beaten to death by a seal?

  2. Everybody who wants to gank people plays a rogue, because stealth + stun = instant win, obviously. So that attracts a lot of people who would like to gank, but are horrible at PvP. I wouldn’t be surprised if, on average, rogues on PvP servers are the worst-performing class because of the influx of that kind of people.

    Though I think night elf hunter with a cat was popular too, because both could stealth…

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