Happy Storm Legion launch day (plus one)!

“LFG to find my clothes!”

You know that movie and TV convention where a character has something they have been looking forward to — a sandwich, a crossword puzzle, a nap, whatever — but every time they sit down to enjoy it, a distraction comes along and keeps them from it?  That was yesterday for me and RIFT.  Oh, how maddening it was to see the new expansion fully patched and loaded, only to be called away for grocery shopping… and a fussy baby… and a sick kid… and my own pesky need for sleep.

As a result, I’ve only had a half-hour or so to check it out, although my guildies have been raving about it.  I rolled up the new Tactician soul, which is a kissing cousin to my Guild Wars 2 Engineer so much that I could close my eyes and pretend I was in either game.  I also could pretend I was flying over Uganda, but that’s the power of imagination for you.

My second stop was acquiring my first Dimension and fiddling with the tools.  This is something I have to devote a lot more time to evaluating, but I can say pretty confidently that this is one of the most intuitive and flexible player housing systems I’ve ever seen.  It’s just a joy to work with, and the possibilities are endless.  I’m going to try hard not to go broke right off the bat (I’m ashamed to say I don’t even have enough money for my level 50 mount yet), so I’m holding off from buying tons of housing materials for now.  Instead, I headed off to one of the new continents, Dusken, to get that XP, moneys, loots, and  whatever else is coming my way.

It’s definitely tricky to jump into a completely new soul at level 50 and try to make sense of all of the skills and talents, but I think I’m settling on a good rotation.  So far, my Tactician/Bard/Blade Dancer is pretty tough and dishes out a lot of damage in return.  The flamethrower is extremely welcome in crowded battles, and so far there have been several of those.

I’m also pleased to see that the art style for armor has jumped up a few notches.  RIFT’s never had the best style in this department, but so far Storm Legion is looking to change my mind.  It’s definitely unique, but also a lot sleeker and more visually appealing.

So we’ll see how it goes from here!  With SWTOR’s F2P transition tomorrow and GW2’s Lost Shores on Friday, I really want to get in some good time with RIFT later today.  That’s probably an invitation for even more distractions, like 13 dwarves barging in my house and demanding that I feed them dinner and then go  on an adventure.

6 thoughts on “Happy Storm Legion launch day (plus one)!

  1. I got to play a couple of hours last night myself. Madea melee build with my mage and it’s quite fun so far. Only level 39 on that toon so far, though, so I’ve not seen the new areas yet. I’m thinking tonight I’ll log in my cleric and head out that way. I will be looking at the defiler soul on that toon as well, of course. . . . .

  2. Unfortunately, my launch day was rather soured by a particularly bad pug experience in the prelude dungeon. After getting grilled for my “terrible dps” by two group members, I switched support, and tried to defend myself against the constant snide comments being sent my way. After dying to a boss’s special move, and being rezzed, the healer decided to ignore me, so I had enter the battle that started immediately after with about 10% health. Needless to say, I died again pretty quickly, and they decided that was excuse enough to boot me from the group…75% of the way into the dungeon.
    Considering I only just came back to Rift, and that was one of the first dungeons I’ve had since then (and the other also involved in-fighting, just not with me at the centre), it’s almost enough to send me packing once more…

    That aside, I’m loving the new Defiler soul and my Cyclone mount, and I can see myself loving dimensions once I put a bit more effort into one.

  3. What Werit said!

    I did at least get to one of the new continents last night and my previous Rift ennui began to dissipate pretty quickly. Even so, after an hour I was jonesing for GW2 and had to get back for my WvW and dailies fix.

    Looking forward to a good Rift run at the weekend, especially if Lost Shores turns out as “meh” as it looks on paper.

  4. I went checking out this housing stuff to see if it’s any different than LOTRO and EQ2. Even though it is still “instanced” , i am quite impressed with what you can do inside this instance aka “dimension” . It is indeed a bit of Minecraft.

    I started putting down some flat stone bricks and started thinking “boy this is going to be expensive building a house!” , then i realised i can scale that little brick into a gigantic flat stone slate the size of the base of a house, and then i realise i can flip this oversized stone brick on its side to make a wall …and and…. one can go crazy there. Especially since you can place items on top of each other (it seems to have a semi-snap to surface for easy placement) and place items in mid-air .

    So i think i’m going to build my floating abode much sooner than i thought . With enough money i think the more artistic and patient players will probably attempt to build their house out of actual sized stone bricks (it will most definitely look pretty good) , assuming you are allowed to place that many bricks (you can upgrade your little dimension which implies placing more items).

    Housing in other MMOs was always about playing “interior decorator” , something i never really enjoyed that much, at least in Rift you are now given a more prominent role of “architect” and “builder” , rather than merely placing candlesticks and tables.

    It’s definitely going to take away some of my fishing time 😉

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