13 thoughts on “Poll: Where do you stand on SWTOR’s F2P switch?

  1. Former subscriber from launch for first few months. Game offered nothing new, had WAY too many old design flaws. MMO’s in general need some reworking. A lot are doing good things now, but they all still have their flaws. If only someone could combine all the good stuff together.

  2. Preferred Status is a joke! There are restrictions everywhere! I cant even hide my helm unless i pay 350CC. I wont be playing, not unless Bioware rethinks there strategy. This is the WORSE F2P model i have seen yet!

  3. Played the game for six months and loved it. Intended to return when it went FTP, but the model they are using punishes players. I won’t be returning, I’d rather pay a sub for TSW than play SWTOR for free.

  4. You are missing an option : “New Player, Not playing yet” . I simply don’t have the time right now between GW2, Rift, Planetside 2 and even LOTRO . So the last one that sounds a little negative “Not playing it, period” is not exactly my feelings. It’s more like “Not playing it, will look at it later” .

  5. Subscriber staying subbed. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I very much enjoy the game and enjoyed splashing coins last night on a few things I wanted. The box packs aren’t all that great although I did get the lightsaber crystal I wanted and a new speeder.

  6. I’m standing on a hilltop in Romania, observing the vamipre encampment below.

    Unless glowsticks are the deciding feature, i can’t see anything in TOR, which TSW doesn’t do better, so my money keeps going to Funcom. (Oki, i see one thing where TOR is superior: PvP in TOR is quite bad, but in TSW it’s abysmal, so of the two PvE oriented games, TOR is the better PvP game. And the croud may cheer. 😀 )

  7. I’m pissed that I played for a few months and have a couple thousand cartel coins that are available to me *IF* I resubscribe before Dec 15th. Otherwise I get only 100CC for having the annoying keyfob.

  8. I went with “former subscriber, returning for F2P” because “not playing it, period” seems like a stand on principle, and I don’t feel that way. I had fun when I played. I will go back and check it out…eventually. But with so many things to be genuinely excited about in LotRO, RIFT, and The Secret World right now, it’s hard to see it happening any time soon. The only exciting thing about SWTOR right now is that I wouldn’t have to pay to log in. Right now, that’s just not enough to make it into the rotation. But eventually.

  9. The requirement of resubbing to get the former players CC bonus is another shot in their own foot. I have absolutely no interest in SWTOR, and it’s not because the game sucks (it’s actually pretty decent). It’s because BioWare and/or EA still think they’re ActiBlizz and can do anything. For the record, I’m not playing WoW/MoP, either. Anet and FunCom are not trying to crap all over their target audience.

  10. I logged in yesterday to check it out. I have one capped player and one level 20 from my 3-month stint in the game. To say I was choked at the restrictions would be putting it mildly.

    250 per character to add a quickslot bar would mean 1000 points for me to make it ‘playable’ (2 chars, 2 extra bars).

    420 per character to get a 3rd crewskill back means 840 more points.

    Luckily I have opened up inventory space on both, and my cargo seems to be open. What I have not delved into are limitations in space combat and instance access, but when I’m sitting at $20 to make the game ‘playable’ at a bare minimum, I’m not sure I want to go back yet.

    If you need me, I’ll be on my WarSteed

  11. subscriber and staying subscribed for now. I’m enjoying it enough to want to have full access. i entertained going prefered, but the costs to get everything I want are far to prohibitive. its literally cheaper for me to stay subscribed until I’m done with all the stories. I’m hoping that they rethink the restrictions because I have more friends that used to subscribe and walked away in disgust then I have friends who stayed subbed like me.

  12. Was subbed, had pondered coming back for F2P, and probably will never install it again. As others mentioned, the restrictions are entirely too heavy. The limits on action bars and the extreme restriction on characters, especially for former subscribers is ridiculous. It’s sad, because if not for that, I probably would have picked it back up, along with firing up another account to play with my kid, which would almost certainly have put more money in their pocket, as I have zero issue paying for stuff in a F2P environment; my track records with LotRO, DDO and WoT shows that handily.

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