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Don’t worry about me; I’ll be over here doing something awesome

Lost Shores remained lost for me in Guild Wars 2 last weekend.  I never set foot in any of the event areas for two good reasons: (1) it sounded incredibly dull with no compelling rewards and (2) everyone but everyone was screaming about what a glitched lagfest it was.  My gaming time is precious these days, so I’m not going to roll the dice on that.

Instead, I gave an hour or two to Blazeridge Mountains, because I knew that at least there I could get something significant done.  I had no idea how significant, however.

It turned out that Shatterer was available for group combat, and what the heck, I haven’t done many (any) of the world bosses to date.  So I chugged it up there to find a chaotic mess of dragonic proportions.


I immediately contracted the I-Don’t-Know-What-I’m-Doing-But-I’ll-Pretend-I-Do-So-I-Don’t-Look-Dumb-In-Front-Of-All-Of-These-Other-Obviously-Experienced-Dragon-Fighters disease.  I get that a lot, now that I think about it.  Was I supposed to run up and start attacking this LEGO dragon thing?  Okay.  Run run, drop a turret, start to hit an attack key and… dead.  Wait.  Got rezzed, thanks Mr. Big Sword Guy!  Now he’s dead.  I should probably return the favor.  Rez rez, he’s up.  And now we’re both dead.  This is problematic.

Eventually I retreated to a camp where I saw mortars being set up, and having a keen interest in preserving my own skin, I manned one and started lobbing hot balls of death at him.  Actually, they were lukewarm balls of healing at first until I realized you could switch out the load.  I love how in MMOs, healing can be such a violent activity involving explosions, shooting people with large guns, and draining one’s life to save another.  Hospitals would be so much cooler if doctors lobbed mortar rounds full of bactine into  wards and shot patients point-blank with semi-automatics full of penicillin.

Long story short, we actually downed him.  I was not expecting that, since I had no idea if I was even helping and most everyone I saw fighting was fighting from a prone, bleeding position.  But he got dead in a spectacular way and I ran up all happy-like to get my chest.  I ended up with two yellows (including a new rifle), some greens, and other bits of loot.  That plus an achievement was the icing on the cake for the session.

5 thoughts on “Don’t worry about me; I’ll be over here doing something awesome

  1. Lost Shores was, on the whole, pretty good. It was a lot of things, including buggy and laggy, but dull absolutely was not one of them. The best reward was being there and being part of the fun most people were very clearly having, not that you’d know it form reading the forums.

  2. While I’m sure there were plenty of people with really lag and glitch issues, I don’t think that’s totally fair. My rig isn’t all that nice and I had very few issues with any of the phases. I think the worst lag I experienced was during the 1st phase, the other two ran really smooth.

  3. @bhagpuss
    I was a forum warrior when I played DAOC, and learned from that experience to stay far away from them in any game I actually enjoy playing!

  4. I had a post queued about this, I actually played the Shatterer for the first time on Sunday while waiting for the chance to play the evening phase 3 of the Lost Shore event. It felt weird ignoring ‘the big thing’ that was happening, I was surprised that enough people turned up to complete it to be honest. Was a very epic fight though.

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