Five Good Things IV: Never Say Die

James Bond is like stinky cheese to me; a little goes a long way and keeps me from partaking again for a while.  Not that it’s all bad, mind you, but I just don’t need to gorge on it.  So Skyfall was okay, but it’s also reset my interest in the franchise for a few years at least.

But what is getting me excited these days?  Here are five things!  Good things!

1. Food: Turkey

Dang, but I love this delicious fowl.  Turkey deli slices just don’t do it, but I do eat a lot of turkey in my diet (turkey bacon rocks).  The absolute best is the Thanksgiving turkey, because then you get the chunks of turkey that go oh-so-well with mayo and cheese for day-after sandwiches.  Mmm.

2. Music: MMO soundtracks

Ever since starting my Jukebox Heroes column at Massively, I’ve been absolutely immersing myself in MMO music of all types.  I’m not just talking the one or two soundtracks everyone seems to know, but really obscure stuff that’s turning out to be great stuff.  I’m really looking forward to sharing some of these findings with you guys!

3. iPhone Game: Knights of Pen and Paper

This is such a cool and addicting little RPG that isn’t quite like anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s not just a standard RPG where you have a party that goes on quests, beats encounters, loots gold, and so on, but it’s presented as a group of contemporary roleplayers sitting at a table where a GM is describing the scene and setting up the quests.  While the grammar is sometimes horrible, the humor is great and the game’s quite enjoyable to play.

4. Season: Christmas

The past few years I’ve been a little blah about the Christmas season in general, but this year I’m extremely excited about it.  I think that’s due in part to my kids becoming an age where they can start to understand what’s going on and get excited about it themselves.  I’m planning to go all-out with decorating, for starters, and am planning a few new traditions for the family to enjoy this year.  Also, I’m totally okay with listening to the Christmas music station while I’m driving.

5. TV: Andy Richter Controls the Universe

I’m rediscovering this almost-forgotten cult classic sitcom from the early 2000s.  It’s not the funniest thing I’ve ever watched, but the tale of five co-workers and friends who get into some pretty weird situations is definitely watchable.  There are so many good lines in it, and I can see how this was a spiritual predecessor to some of my other favorites, such as Arrested Development and Better Off Ted.

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