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Cranking up the tunes

On my church’s last summer mission trip, we wrapped up the week by throwing a spontaneous dance party with a hundred or so teens.  I let it slip to the coordinator that I used to be a DJ in college (true story) and before I knew it, I was in charge of the music.  This meant that I had a captive, dancing audience to the nerdiest songs in my library, and I had a blast throwing out the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and Spice Girls’ Wannabe to see if they’d get it and/or like it (which, surprisingly, they did.  I have hope for this generation.).

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve always had a passion for finding and collecting geeky music — and it’s been a long time since I’ve had an audience who’s willing to let me bombard their ears with my stuff.  My wife, oddly enough, just really isn’t into music at all.  I do little dance parties with my kids (there exists a video of me and my infant swooning to Dirty Dancing’s Hungry Eyes that you shall never, ever see).  But I guess I’ve really been burning just to share some of what I find interesting.

That’s why I not only started the MMO Music page here on Bio Break and the Jukebox Heroes column on Massively, but have been engaging more people in conversation about what kinds of video game (and specifically, MMO) tunes they like.  I have my outlet now, and it’s proving to be very cathartic.

Prior to starting Jukebox Heroes, I thought I had a pretty good collection of MMO music, but it turns out that what I had was rather incomplete, scattered, and missing many, many major titles.  Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down free MMO music as well as purchasing whatever albums are out there (which are more than I originally expected).  I’ve found that many composers have several free MP3 files of their video game music on their websites.  And I’ve made a list of all of the games that I want to cover, which as it stands right now, will take me through 2015 or so.

Anyway, I guess I’m just putting it out there that this has quickly become a growing central interest in my hobby instead of something way on the fringe.  I’m amazed at all of the great MMO music that I’m finding that I’ve never heard before.  I think that most players tend to know a few scores pretty well (insert “Age of Conan is the best soundtrack evar!” here), but there’s so much more out there.

I’ve done several additions to the MMO Music page over the past week, including adding these soundtracks:

  • Glitch (free)
  • Spiral Knights vol. 1 and vol. 2
  • Drakensang Online
  • Hellgate London
  • SUN
  • Zu Online
  • Atriarch
  • Free Going Rogue tunes
  • PlaneShift

2 thoughts on “Cranking up the tunes

  1. The current Humble Bundle includes 5 free soundtracks (though none are MMOs), which is a nice boost to any collection.

    I think my favourite-ever game soundtracks would have to be Mass Effect 1 and Myst 3, both by Jack Wall – heck, everything he puts his hand to is fantastic.

  2. As much as I can list the pitfalls of WoW, I have to say that during all the years that I’ve played it (I’m clean now ofc) I have always thought that the sound tracks were top notch, I even own the Wrath tracks as I thought it was a really good set of music.

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