Happy 4th birthday, Bio Break!

I’m usually bad about remembering this blog’s birthday, so I’m writing this ahead of time to make sure I don’t this year.  Anyway, today Bio Break turns four, which is a slightly jarring realization.  I’ve been writing this for four years now?  And I haven’t completely driven all of you away?  Huh.  I’m going to have to take stock of my life right now.

As you may know, I didn’t start Bio Break to be any sort of full-time gaming blog.  In fact, I made it just because every once in a while I wanted to talk about something other than Warhammer Online (which was my main blogging effort in 2008).  Bio Break was created to be a placeholder and a dumping ground for non-WAR thoughts, but quickly blossomed into my main personal blog.

It warms my heart to know that due to the 2500+ posts and two million or so views that this blog has garnered, Google now places this as the first result for anyone bored enough to search for “bio break.”  Not bad for one of the 20 worst business buzzwords, yes?

Anyway, thanks to all of you for continuing to read these weird words and to support the site through comments, linkage, and the occasional magical donkey that grants two wishes!

22 thoughts on “Happy 4th birthday, Bio Break!

  1. Woo, Happy Blogversary! 4 years, huh? Doesn’t seem like that long at all. Thanks for always posting fun & thought-provoking stuff. :)

  2. Congratulations Syp! I’ve been an avid reader since your Warhammer days and will continue to be a dedicated reader. Its been some great years, and hope for more to come. Great work man!

  3. Happy Birthday Bio Break and congrats Syp :)

    Hmmm my blogs would be about 3 or 4 now but I keep starting again

  4. Keep up the good work. I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog since I started my own several months back. It’s funny how intentions and purposes change over time. I’ve moved from wanting to just talk about MMORPGs specifically to bringing in more of my own personal life and experiences with other games.

    Thanks for writing and happy birthday!

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