The Secret World: Fashion show

monster-hunter-jacketEvery time our Monday night Secret World group gets together, there’s this subtle but noticeable competition to put together the best outfit.  A fashion competition, so to speak.  I haven’t heard a lot of folks talk about the fashion system in TSW, which is kind of a shame — it’s quite good, moreso that it’s able to present contemporary stylings.

Because the gear in the game is divorced from your character’s visual appearance (hallelujah), you can dress your character up in any way you see fit.  You can put on the outfit of your faction and be a good little soldier boy or girl.  You can dress down in whatever comfortable clothes that you might actually wear in real life.  You can throw on costumes, be risque, or go full-on professional corporate.

There’s several ways that you accumulate outfits.  You get the pieces that you choose in the beginning, for starters.  There’s a fashion store in London that offers a very wide selection of goods, from business wear to mountain climbing.  Filling in any of the inner AP rings for a weapon will grant you a special top.  Hitting certain achievements gets you a piece.  Some quests and dungeon runs do as well.  Special events and promotions have produced cool-looking clothes.  And there’s always the in-game cash shop, which sells both complete outfits and individual parts.

Really, before you know it, you end up with a huge wardrobe that can be accessed on the fly.  I really enjoy running around and seeing what all of the other players are wearing, especially because there are so few that end up looking alike.

I like that the game keeps giving you more clothes unexpectedly, too.  It’s never very obvious when you get one, so it’s become a thing where me or my friends will open up our dressing room and find out that there’s a few new selections.  That invariably triggers a “where did THAT come from?” remark.

My favorite pieces are the Innsmouth Academy hoodie (I really want one in real life), the Rocketeer helmet, the double-breasted trenchcoat I bought from the store, my fluffy winter boots, and my vintage 80s sunglasses.

My only complaint is that there is no dye system; you have to purchase all of the different colors, if these clothes come in a wide variety of colors.  Sometimes that makes mix and matching difficult.

Sephora’s Closet has a good selection of some of the outfits that can be seen in the game.  Man, I want that Monster Hunter jacket!


4 thoughts on “The Secret World: Fashion show

  1. Attic Lion December 7, 2012 / 10:58 am

    I have nothing to say except that every time I look at the TSW store I feel disappointed that Funcom doesn’t call their shop currency ‘Funbucks.’

    That and the Scarface-themed set is still my favorite.

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards December 7, 2012 / 2:38 pm

    I think the way TSW separated clothes from gear is absolutely brilliant, and I can’t believe more people don’t talk about it. I need to get to London and see what other outfits are available, but I really love what I already have. I went for what I’m calling an “exotic Men in Black” look on my Dragon, which also has a hint of Morpheus from the Matrix. But since I’ve gotten to Egypt, I decided something lighter was in order, so now I’m just wearing a black Chinese T-shirt and jeans.

    Also, I would totally buy an Innsmouth Academy hoodie IRL.

  3. j3w3l December 7, 2012 / 4:01 pm

    Love the system immensely as well, its great to be able to look exactly how you want. My only complaint is that some of the sets aren’t able to be broken into individual parts.

    Oh, and I would so buy an Innsmouth hoodie as well

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