RIFT: Mazes and monsters

After a very long day yesterday, I finally sat down for some gaming and went straight to RIFT.  It dropped its 2.1 update, and so I thought that the Fae Yule festival would be starting.  I missed it last year, plus the new sledding minigame sounds pretty cool.  Alas, it wasn’t turned on, so instead I decided to work on my dimension.

I’ve had an idea for it, to turn my dimension into a fun maze.  That wasn’t going to work with the default dimension, so I ponied up 10 plat to purchase the Breach Chamber.  This turned out to be ideal for what I needed: a large contiguous indoor space with a tunnel leading into it.

The outline of the maze — the walls — were priority one after that.  The vendors sell these stone slabs on the cheap, and while they look like, well, stone, you can resize them quite a bit.  So I purchased about 40 of them to get started, resized them one by one, rotated them to be walls, and started placing them.  I have no grand design for the maze itself, so I’m just going to let it develop organically.

I don’t want to make the maze frustrating so much as fun to explore, so I’m creating little themed pockets within it.  The first dead end I made has a miniature garden with a lamp, bench, and book.  I was kind of proud at figuring out that I could flip a shrub to hang on the wall, giving the nook a much more leafy vibe.

The other major thing I started to do was to get some stairs in place for the second level.  I thought that that would be important to do early on so I don’t back myself into a corner.  Plus, I need to get up there to start laying down the slabs to serve as the ceiling/floor between the levels.

I also purchased a music box so that the strains of Silverwood’s score would be playing while people explore.

Can I say again what a dream this system is with which to work?  It’s taking some time to make sure everything lines up right and works fine, but it’s ridiculously simple to handle.  I really can’t wait until I get this done and open it up to the public, but I’m not going to pull that trigger until it’s done.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my progress:





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