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2012 Flushies: Best New MMO

splitI’m going to wind up this year’s Flushies tomorrow and then get back to the normal swing of things, so you’ll have to pardon me if all of this seems rather… skimpy.  It kind of is.  I’m sorry!  I’m only a human being with weaknesses just like everyone else EXCEPT FOR YOU.  Stop looking at me with those accusing, patronizing eyes!  I do not dance for you like a clockwork monkey; I am a man!


Best new MMO of the year.

Winner: [Tie] The Secret World and Guild Wars 2

OK, I know this is (a) no big shocker and (b) waffling to make it a tie, but I can’t help either.

While there’s a contingent that really seems to dislike GW2 out there, it’s such a relaxing, engaging, and beautiful game that I knew from the first second I stepped into that world that it would be a contender.  The art and sound has set the standard for the industry, and the gameplay ain’t half bad.  Even if dynamic events aren’t as completely revolutionary as we might have hoped, they’re pretty cool.  Plus, there are a ton of small innovations abounding that I wish would make it to the rest of the industry.

The Secret World is a rougher game, especially with its difficulty level and sometimes wonky combat.  However, whatever rough spots exist are forgiven in light of the title’s stellar storytelling, voice acting, and general setting.  It’s a type of MMO that we just don’t see anywhere else, and I can’t help but love it.

So I can’t really choose between the two, and since it’s my blog I don’t have to.


  • Pirate101 — I do wish I had some time to play this, since it looks like another solid hit for KingsIsle.
  • PlanetSide 2 — Not my cup of MMO tea, but I’m not going to ignore its popularity and general good word of mouth I’ve heard from my friends who play it.

7 thoughts on “2012 Flushies: Best New MMO

  1. Pirate 101 is really solid. I’d quibble a little bit with some of the combat engine decisions, but I really like the game. I wish I had more time for it.

  2. TSW would get my pick.

    Guild Wars 2 is a really amazing game in a lot of ways, but after a few weeks, it started to feel… thin, to me. There isn’t a lot of creativity put into the design of DEs and skill challenges, so it starts to feel like the only difference between zones is cosmetic. Also, story is very important to me in games, and GW2’s story is simply terrible.

    Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good game that I’ll continue to play for a long time. I do like how relaxing and easy to get into it is, but I find it’s best enjoyed in small doses.

    TSW, on the other hand, has raised my expectations for what I believe games are capable of. I haven’t been so blown away by a game in years — maybe a decade or more. It’s got such amazingly good writing and ambiance, and it’s just so brilliant and clever. I even like its much maligned combat.

  3. TSW and GW2 both take some beating. It’s self-evident, though, from the fact that I have played almost nothing but GW2 since it launched and begrudge any time spent not playing it that GW2 has the edge.

    To my own enormous surprise that is mainly down to WvW, and more especially to the magnificent Yak’s Bend WvW community. I was never expecting to find myself with a case of full-on server loyalty but these things happen.

  4. Urgh the secret world is terrible, its same old funcom releasing an unfinished and unpolished game. The crap combat animations say it all and if I want a compelling story I’ll read a book.

  5. Got bored of GW2, bored of the setting, bored of the limited skills.

    TSW going buy-to-play was a great move they should’ve done at the start. Other than the combat, it’s a really good game. The story and setting really are what keep me playing. I just wish they’d overhaul the combat to make it faster.

  6. I liked the TSW beta well enough, but not quite enough to buy. I may pick it up a bit further down the line when my wallet is a little freer though.

    GW2 is a really good and solid game, but it isn’t the MMO I wanted. It just feels sort of shallow and bland (which is crazy because it is neither of those).

  7. In my book best new MMO game I played this year hands down goes to The Secret World. It wasn’t the most polished but it showed the most Originality. It had the most outside the box thinking. The most different from all other MMO that often repeat the same old same old stuff. It had the most intelligent thinking required of any game I played. It had the best and most complex story with lots of depth for a game. It wasn’t polished, but it could of have.

    GW2 might have been the most color full and polished of all the MMO’s I’ve played and overall casual fun. In the end GW2 felt like more of the same though a good casual game to play. And that don’t make it the best in my book for games played in 2012.

    I give my Flushies for best game and MMO played in 2012 to: The Secret World.

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