What I played in 2012

Rather than stretch on the Flushies past my current level of interest, I thought I’d start wrapping up the year by saying a few words about each game I played in 2012.

  • Lord of the Rings Online — This remains my long-running MMO home, and as such I’ve had plenty of intense periods of play and lax periods of disinterest with it.  The expansion really is a great addition to the game, and I’m quite pleased that Turbine instituted open tapping and remote looting across the entire game.  I’ve just started a new Dwarf Champion, so I’m looking at the possibility of leveling up all over again.
  • RIFT — I came back to RIFT in May and I don’t regret it.  I leveled up a Cleric from 1 to 51, flirted with my Rogue, and started to make some headway in the expansion.  The player housing system really impressed me, and it was good to reconnect with my old guild.
  • The Secret World — The pleasant surprise of the year that’s given me quite a few great hours of storytelling and adventure with my shotgun-wielding 80s girl.  I’ve come to love our regular group nights and hope that Funcom can keep the magic alive for years to come.  The business model switch was a great move, although I am worried that it won’t bring as much income in for the studio.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic — I enjoyed wrapping up my Imperial Agent’s storyline early in the year, but couldn’t really get attached to a second character and soon fell away from the game.  I did return for free-to-play, tried a Smuggler for a while, but it didn’t quite stick.  I may be coming back again, I don’t know.
  • Star Trek Online — I played this off and on over the year, but it’s definitely been of interest lately.  I finally hit the maximum level and have a cool ship to go with it.
  • Guild Wars 2 — Really love this game and haven’t been disappointed in it yet.  While I hit level 80 with my Engineer a while back, I’m holding off on alts until I finish my first 100% map completion.
  • Runes of Magic — I went through a really brief flirtation with this game during the early summer lull, but wasn’t impressed enough to stick with it.
  • Anarchy Online — Spent a few days here and there in the newbie zone, but didn’t have enough time or vested interest to get into the game as much as I’d like.
  • Asheron’s Call 2 — Really cool to at least see this game for a couple nights, but I wasn’t going to stay subscribed just for that.
  • Champions Online — Returned for a couple days after the fall of City of Heroes.  I actually wouldn’t mind playing this if I had more time and a freeform character wasn’t $50, but as it is, I’ll have to leave it be.
  • DC Universe Online — I gave this another try on the recommendation of several friends who rave about it, but just couldn’t get past the horrible character creation process and wonky action control scheme.
  • Vanguard — Another “it just went F2P so I should play it” temptation that didn’t pan out.  That’s a pity; I think I’d probably end up liking this game a lot if I dedicated myself to it.
  • Dark Age of Camelot — Played this for six weeks for a Massively series.  Was definitely an interesting peek into the past that I never saw, but wasn’t my cup of tea in the end.

That’s it for the big ones, although I did try a few betas (City of Steam, Marvel Heroes) and downloaded a couple titles that got erased almost immediately.  Tomorrow I’ll be looking back at the other major events of the year, and then we’ll just move forward once more!

2 thoughts on “What I played in 2012

  1. I wouldn’t worry about FunCom making less by dropping the subscription. Pre-change, they admitted that they had made more money from the cash shop than they had from subscriptions.

    The subscription model is dead, thankfully.

  2. My Rift sub didn’t expire until April, but the last time I logged into it was last December shortly after SWTOR came out. I played TOR until August, started TSW then, and now that Rift is newly expanded I’m playing it rather a lot, but still do a night or 2 of TSW per week.

    That’s been about it for me. Haven’t been too adventuresome an MMO player this year.

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