Five highlights of 2012 (that aren’t gaming)

2012_oxcgnDespite the focus of this blog, I hope I never give the impression that gaming is all I do, think, or write about.  I also have a weird Tic-Tac obsession.  Here are five personal highlights of the past year that happened outside of games:

1. Had a third child

Having three children who are still in diapers (the eldest is potty training hard, but isn’t quite willing to move on yet) makes a lot of people ask us with skeptical wonder how we manage.  The answer I give is, we just do.  I think that’s what all parents do, just manage from one day to the next.  I make time for my kids, always step away from what I’m doing if they need a hug or want to show me something, and try to give them as much love as possible.

Having a third child this year added a lot to our plates, for sure.  My wife and I are now officially outnumbered.  But we’re blessed that our newest boy is incredibly easy going, kind of cute, and has a brother and sister who love rather than resent him.  I don’t regret it in the least.

2. Got into Geocaching

Geocaching was a hobby that came out of the blue for me when a guy at church offered to set up a geocache hunt for my youth group.  I think I ended up loving it more than the teens did, and spent a few months there doing a lot of mini-adventures across town.  While those slowed down when my wife’s pregnancy advanced and things got crazy at home, it’s still of interest to me and I plan to get back to it when the weather gets better again.

3. Did a lot of podcasting

I kind of feel like I’m reliving my college radio days a bit by doing podcasting, which is definitely cool.  I don’t think I have the best radio voice or am always the most spontaneous personality, but I’ve really enjoyed doing both Massively Speaking and Too Long; Didn’t Listen with Bree and Dodge, and look forward to more of the same in 2013.  Chatting with someone about games has a refreshingly different feel to it than just writing about games (and you don’t have to worry about formatting!).

4. Lost weight

Thanks to folks like Moxie, Dodge, and Beej, I finally found a diet that worked for me.  I’ve never wanted to be one of those diet evangelists who won’t stop talking about food and weigh-ins and stuff, so I haven’t mentioned this much this year.  But the cool news is that the diet I started in July has resulted in 40 pounds of lost weight.  For me, that’s huge.  I still have a good 40 or so pounds to go, but right now I weigh less than I did in college, feel great, and have had a lot of people comment on the change.  I really hope that the trend continues.

Quick plug for Professor Beej’s new blog, Geek Fitness.  He’s got a better weight loss story than I do, for sure.  I know I’ll be reading it!

5. Started the Newbie Blogger Initiative

Man, it seems like so long ago that we did the NBI, huh?  It was an interesting idea to encourage new or lapsed bloggers by offering support from current bloggers, and the MMO blog community really came out to shine.  I might have pulled the trigger on it, but so many other people did all the work of reaching out, offering advice, and helping new bloggers get on their feet.

The best part is that plenty of these blogs still exist and are churning out great content!

All in all, it was a terrific year!

6 thoughts on “Five highlights of 2012 (that aren’t gaming)

  1. wezmodeus December 31, 2012 / 8:19 am

    Did you ever post details on your weight loss regimen? All I remember is something about frozen berries as a replacement for sweets. I’d like to see exactly what you are doing.

  2. stnylan December 31, 2012 / 8:52 am

    I am very grateful for number 5, since it pushed me off to doing my own blog which is still chugging along very nicely.

    Have a great 2013

  3. Skron December 31, 2012 / 9:56 am

    Thanks for #5 Syp!

  4. ChainmailDress December 31, 2012 / 11:18 am

    Congrats on the third little baby and the successful year. I wish you a very happy and successful 2013. 🙂

  5. B.J. Keeton December 31, 2012 / 3:19 pm

    First of all, congrats on the weight loss! I’m stoked I could be a part of that for you. I’m still tweaking mine–I’ve joked with my wife that I’m going to become a white rice and fish pescetarian–but the lifestyle change has been fantastic.

    I’d love to read more specifically about what you did, especially from Moxie and Dodge. Always learning, we are. 😀

  6. UnSubject December 31, 2012 / 9:26 pm

    You forgot #6: Ordered MMO studios to delay and collapse in May so that that MMONBI people had lots of things to write about. All hail Syp, secret ruler of MMO-dom! 😉

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