Star Trek Online: On my kitty carrier

caitian-atrox-carrierWhile I had anticipated spending a lot of time gaming over the break, the truth is that I really didn’t get that much in.  I had some time, to be sure, but taking my nephews and niece Geocaching, watching It’s A Wonderful Life, and playing with my new titanium spork took precedence.

The MMO that got the most time, actually, was Star Trek Online.  My online Christmas present to myself was the purchase of an endgame Atrox carrier, aka the kitty carrier (so named because a cat-race designed it.  I’ll let that slide, as I’m not a cat person but really wanted a carrier.).  Carriers aren’t as easy to come by in the game as other types of ships, either requiring real money purchase or some lengthy rare currency grind.  It just looked pretty darn cool, and I’m quite satisfied with the purchase.  Not only does the ship look insanely sleek (and atypical for most Federation starships), but it can spit out a dozen fighters and fire off six turret guns like a wolverine of the stars.

I also went through the whole Breen featured episode series again, this time to get the Breen bridge officer that Cryptic brought back for a limited time.  Right now I have 8 rare BOs that jockey for my love and affection, although the Breen dude might just top them all.

As much fun as I’m having in STO, I don’t really know what I’ll do when I finish out the Cardassian, Borg, and Undine story arcs.  There’s always task forces and foundry missions, but I’m not feeling attracted to them.  Chances are that I’ll be putting my ship in mothballs until the next featured episodes come out, whenever that is.

That might be for the best, since I’ll want to free up that fifth MMO slot for some of the gaming goodness coming out next year.  One day at a time, O captain… one day at a time.

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