I believe in Tinkerbell!

Tinker_Bell_(Disney_Fairies)There are many combat pets in RIFT and I’ve pretty much tried them all.  Being a bit of a pet freak, I couldn’t be expected not to, really.  It’s just more fun having a companion giving you a helping hand — and I always like feeling as if I’m ganging up on a bad guy.

What I didn’t expect is that my favorite pet would be, of all things, Tinkerbell.  Tinkerbell is the informal name I’ve given to the Druid’s greater faerie healer, this little floating waif who packs surprising utility.  If I have her out in whatever build I make, I know that I’m going to faceroll the opposition.  You just can’t oppose pint-sized powerhouses.

The reason I love the faerie healer is that she (a) pumps out an incredible amount of heals and (b) supplements that with some decent DPS.  Sure, she’s not pure DPS like the faerie spirit caster or the satyr, but it’s not nothing, either.  Seriously, when she’s out, I do not have to look at my health bar at all.  She can have two mobs on her while I attack a third, and I know that she’s just not going to die.  I like to think that she’s snickering at the bad guys as they hack at her while she farts fairy dust in their faces.

I’m quite worried that one day Trion will nerf her into the ground, and I’ll be left with this crippled, fluttering bug-girl who will do nothing but remind me of better days.  “Do you remember when we used to dance on elite bosses’ faces?  Or when you /AFK’d in that field of lava and I chain-healed you for 45 minutes until you came back from dinner?  Remember those good times?”

And I’ll have to be, “Quiet!  You’re not her.  YOU ARE NOT HER.  BEGONE!”

Don’t leave me, faerie healer!  You are the HMO plan that Telara needs!  Keep healing until they take the sky from you!


4 thoughts on “I believe in Tinkerbell!

  1. rowan January 8, 2013 / 9:45 am

    I *loved* my faerie healer, Eolinde: the perfect companion to my Tanky Cleric, and Sctrz’ Stabbity Rogue.

  2. pkudude99 January 8, 2013 / 1:58 pm

    In the low 50’s my dps fairy could solo mobs and keep herself healed at the same time from the Aid of the Forest buff. If I was attacking a mob also, then my Salvation and Righteous Mandate heals made her a pretty awesome tank to boot. That said, at about 56, the tank pet became quite a surprising dps powerhouse (seriously — 10-12K AE dps in addition to what I was putting out. Screenie in this post if you want to see) plus had better mitigation than I did, so I started using it instead and never looked back. I didn’t expect to be a tank pet convert, but….. it convinced me. Again… not until 55-56, but after that point… yup.

    TBH, I’ve not even summoned my fairy healer since re-subbing for SL, now that I think about it. I always did enough self-heals that I never felt the need.

  3. Lai-Lai August 31, 2013 / 10:35 am

    This is also my favorite pet; knows when to attack, knows when to heal, if you get stuck in a mob she lures all but one towards her & they stay on her until you fire on them, letting you pick them off one by one, good for soloing & rifts, & if you’re in a group of two & the other person can also cast healing, the two & the fairy can take down elite invasion mobs & overpopulated invasion camps (where hitting a leader mob at the wrong time would get 30-60 mobs on your ass all at once).

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