RIFT: A Winning Formula


When I was leveling my Cleric, the Inquisition spec was my hands-down favorite.  I’ve always been a sucker for DOT-heavy classes — there’s just something satisfying about poking mystical holes in bad guys and then watching them bleed out while they can’t do anything about it.

So this spec was just great, up until I went off into Storm Legion lands.  Then for some reason it didn’t work so well.  The mobs had their health jacked way up and the damage I was putting out didn’t cut it.  I found myself getting beaten up a lot and even dying, and so reluctantly moved on to other specs.

Happily, I did revisit this build last weekend.  I took it apart and thought about what I really wanted it to do.  Lots of DOTs, some self-healing, and survivability.  So I swapped out the Sentinel soul I had in there for some reason and added in the Defiler (along with the Inquisitor and Cabalist).  Suddenly… it clicked.  I became a DOT powerhouse, even more strong than how I used to be.  I started picking fights just because it was a lot of fun seeing how fast I could take them down.

Between those three souls I have 6-7 DOTs that get applied right up front, along with a channeled hurt/heal spell and a delayed time bomb.  The key to all of this is laying down the Defiler’s awesome beacon of despair right up front.  That pet grabs aggro like crazy, and even though you take half of the damage that it’s receiving, I’d rather take half than all AND the beacon damages them per hit.  So with the beacon grabbing aggro, I can lay out all of my DOTs and judge whether or not (usually not) that I have to reapply them.

The awesome thing about this build is that even though I’m taking a little bit of damage through the whole fight, I’m also constantly healing myself.  A couple of the DOTs heal while they do their damage, so it generally evens out to whatever hurt I’m taking from the beacon.  Barring that, I have three self-heals at the ready that can be applied in a pinch.

For me, this is a perfect build.  It’s low-stress to use, kills relatively quickly, and doesn’t require more than 7 or 8 keystrokes per mob death.  The only downside is that it’s really geared toward one mob at a time; multiples take some DOT juggling, and the beacon can get owned pretty quickly if they gang up on it.


3 thoughts on “RIFT: A Winning Formula

  1. pkudude99 January 15, 2013 / 9:05 am

    Are you not using the Husk of Indifference? It blocks the damage from the link to the pet but the hits you no longer are taking still count to proc up the Rage Blight so you still get your 5% bonus damage.

    I never thought of the 41/10 inq cabbie split. I’ve tried 16 Defiler / 50 Inquisitor and it did ok, but not enough to impress me. I’ve actually beeen digging on a 41 Defiler / 25 Inquis spec, but now I’m going to have to give your spec a try too. 😀

  2. Syp January 15, 2013 / 11:52 am

    Yeah I’ve got husk too… there’s still damage trickling in, tho

    Cabalist has Dark Water (or Dark Soul… something like that), which is a nice DOT that I like to keep around. Plus all three souls have early 5% damage boosts which adds up.

  3. pkudude99 January 15, 2013 / 6:24 pm

    Oh yeah, I’m all about the damage boosts. I often look for XX/10/5 splits for damage boosts myself. My current rogue and warrior specs are both built to take advantage of as many boosts and proc’d boosts as possible and they work really well as a result.

    The reason I asked about the husk was: your screenshot does NOT include it, and you mentioned taking a lot of damage. TBH, that’s why in my 41 Defiler / 25 Inq build my 3rd soul is actually justicar since you get small passive heals from it at 0 points anymore. Plus I also have Vex and um…. that Defiler dot that heals you too, plus I’ve got 3 nice heal spells I can put on the Beacon or on myself as needed. Fights take about 15 seconds on average, so not terribly long at all. I wouldn’t mind a bit more “boom” in there, but it’s safe for soloing and doesn’t feel burdensome.

    That said, my favorite spec is still the “Just Seer” druidicar. I think at 60 it worked out to 55 Druid / 21 Justi / 0 Shaman, IIRC. Haven’t played it since I hit 60, though. I like to level, not grind rep for gear at “endgame.”

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