RIFT: Before and after the fall

fallAs of late I’ve been putting more dedicated time into RIFT, LOTRO, and GW2 — the former two to make serious headway in the expansions, and the latter because I’d really like to wrap up world exploration so I can move on to an alt.  I’ve been enjoying these slightly longer play sessions because they’ve helped me really get into the stories going on.

For RIFT, I’m currently in the heart of Brevane.  I had assumed that this continent would’ve been the duller of the two new ones, especially since Dusken is all about a horror-themed wasteland.  Yet I’ve been surprised; Brevane is quite a puzzle.  It’s all about the ruins of this highly advanced “magi-tech” civilization that fell almost overnight and your exploration into what happened.  It’s a compelling mystery, made even more so interesting by the quest flow.

I have to hand it to Trion, they really came through on the promise to make the expansion less about vacuuming up quests at hubs, doing them, and boomeranging back, and more about constant progression through a story and areas.  So this past weekend I was in the Eternal City, the big town in the center of the continent that’s been overgrown with nasty flora.  You’re going in after a lost expedition and piecing together clues as to what happened here.  After several quests, you are tasked with rescuing a guy who’s in the middle of this mutant camp.  Instead of just plowing your way in there by brute force, the game has you find a disguise, prepare diversions, and then stage an epic breakout.

That leads to probably one of my favorite moments in the game, a pulse-pounding chase up an aquaduct while this MONSTER of a critter chases you and your rescued knight.  You eventually run out of track and the NPC tells you to jump for it.  I’m like… okay… this is going to hurt, and then leap hundreds of feet to my doom.  Happily, I landed in water — and in a new zone.  The whole quest line was a way to get me into this new zone for different adventures, and I didn’t realize at the time it was doing so.  A really neat moment that had me saluting the game and eager to see what lay ahead.


4 thoughts on “RIFT: Before and after the fall

  1. pkudude99 January 21, 2013 / 2:08 pm

    Yeah, I loved the City Core and the big 6-armed gorilla thing chasing you into the Eastern Holdings. The Eastern Holdings has my favorite part of the expansion so far in it as well. It’s toward the end of the zone’s story — you go into people’s nightmare’s and try to right the wrongs in them. Quite fun and a good story! There’s even a (very easy) jumping puzzle as part of it.

    FWIW, I didn’t actually care for the Seratos and Morban zones on the other continent. Morban was a step up from Seratos, but Seratos was simply depressing. And huge, so I spent a lot longer there than I would have liked. I’m completely skipping that zone on my warrior that I’m now leveling up. Seratos — blech!

  2. Rieth Mhide January 21, 2013 / 5:35 pm

    you might wanna put a big fat SPOILER sign on top of this post for those who havent read it yet
    defo too late for me..:(

  3. silvertemplar January 24, 2013 / 1:23 am


    Nah, it’s only a spoiler for those that are currently playing. I played Rift in Dec and haven’t yet felt compelled to get back into it after the holidays, but this certainly does make me interested in playing again. So here’s an example of a spoiler luring players back.

  4. Lai-Lai August 31, 2013 / 11:00 am

    Pretty similar tastes…. It’s RIFT, LotRO, Runes of Magic, & Neverwinter for by Big 4 & I really should give DDO a second chance.

    Speaking of D&D, I get that RIFT is based on it, what with “Eldritch” & “Kobolds” & everything, but why are their Kobolds dogs instead if lizards? & their basilisks are lizards instead of chicken-headed snakes that turn anyone who hears their crow into stone, & they refer to baby raptors as pups when they should be chicks.

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