LOTRO adds space combat!


And yeah, apparently this is really in the game.  The button, at least.

Update: Aha, this isn’t quite new — what brought it to my attention was mention of it due to the “feature” being removed in today’s patch.  Boo!

14 thoughts on “LOTRO adds space combat!

  1. Hey, they added Runekeepers so why not, lol. In all seriousness, though, can we use this to start a Turbine-is-working-on-a-space-MMO rumor?

  2. My theory for the mystery project at Turbine is still Asheron’s Call 3, but it would be funny if it’s actually something Sci-Fi and they accidentally dropped in a reference to the live LOTRO client.

  3. Unless you do him in challenge mode -those chests are unchanged. I’m actually surprised they went that route and didn’t just revert back to raid-locks.

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