WildStar: 2013 or bust!

thumbsIt’s going to be a big WildStar day today as some press embargos have dropped and we’re hearing about some hands-on experiences with the game for the first time.  And, oh yeah, Carbine’s aiming for a 2013 release if (if) the beta goes well.


Again, I’m definitely not bored nor lacking for games to enjoy these days.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of Guild Wars 2, and I’m experiencing somewhat of a LOTRO renaissance to boot.  The Secret World has plenty of more secrets for me to discover as well.  If I could just play games full-time, I think I’d have my plate full.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t anticipate and get excited about more great offerings to the genre, yes?  Neverwinter certainly has me psyched, and I think we’ll be seeing that title by the time summer rolls around.  But WildStar, WildStar… this has been at the top of my “most anticipated” titles ever since GW2 launched and removed itself from the running.  I love, love the art style.  I am excited about the choices of gameplay, the scifi setting, the humor, the housing, and all of the fun little details that keep popping out of the studio.  It doesn’t look like a “serious” game — it looks like a darn fun one.

There’s a lot of great info coming out today about the extremely ambitious plans that Carbine has for the title, including a strong emphasis on modding.

I really wasn’t expecting a 2013 release at all (and hey, it still might not happen) — but I’m not complaining.  It’d be great for me personally if it did release later this year, and perhaps the fall will be not as crazy as 2012’s was to allow it a lot more breathing room to establish itself.

Anyway, I’m jittering with happiness today, and I thought I should share why.  More analysis to follow.


2 thoughts on “WildStar: 2013 or bust!

  1. David B February 6, 2013 / 9:21 am


  2. B.J. @ Geek Fitness February 14, 2013 / 8:08 am

    I’m feeling the same way. After all the recent press I’ve read about the game, I’m absolutely stoked to get my hands on it. I tend not to get excited about MMOs these days (because of how hard I was burned on Champions Online back in the day), but there’s something about WildStar that really intrigues me. I love the art style, the backdrop, pretty much everything.

    And with the “sandpark” idea they’re working from, I’m completely on board. I love sandbox games more than just about anything, so a game like this with that in mind has my attention. Here’s hoping for a beta spot. #crossesfingers

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