Too Long; Didn’t Listen episode 52 is up!

tldlsquareThe Boys in Burgundy are back… which is what our movie poster would have on it.  Because we like burgundy, okay?  Don’t judge.  You’re judging.  Just because Dodge and Syp coordinate matching outfits every day is no reason to judge.  That’s for judges to do.  Anyway, the boys are taking on minigames and catchup play in this week’s topics!

Two topics in 30 minutes or your next podcast is free. You know you would listen to all this if it just wasn’t so… long!

Listen to episode 52 here!


One thought on “Too Long; Didn’t Listen episode 52 is up!

  1. Green Armadillo February 11, 2013 / 7:40 pm

    Belated comment – I think if you are going to attempt endgame content, WoW needs to be pretty high on the list. All the gear resets mean that you can catch up quickly. Meanwhile, they have the absolutely key feature of looking for raid. Whether you are looking to gear up so you won’t be useless to your guildies if the opportunity arises to fill in, or you are just looking to see the sights once in each zone (with all of the story and almost all of the bosses included in LFR), your options are pretty much unparalleled compared to other MMO’s.

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