Guild Wars 2 photo contest results!

Thanks to everyone who entered in the contest to win an autographed Guild Wars 2 collector’s edition! I only had five entries, so either everyone interested already HAS the game or doing photos was too difficult. But anyway! We have five cool pictures to share including the winner, so here goes!


photo1Nick sent this in: “This is my entry! Obviously it’s sucks like a wombat on acid, so my hopes are nil. I just did this for fun, and excuse my terrible Photoshop skills. Anyway, as an obvious summary, it is I, with my handy dandy dagger facing the possessed Grumpy Cat. Even if it didn’t win, I hope it made at least one person chuckle.”

It made me chuckle indeed!  Thanks Nick!

photo2Reader John sent this in without any explanation.  And truly, does it need one?  It’s good to see friends playing out fantasies of mortally wounding each other.  Hurrah!

photo3Garth “I’m the guy with the magical staff” sent this in to us, although I’m starting to suspect that it wasn’t a photo taken for this contest.  I’m really starting to worry that it’s someone’s last known photo and that Garth is also “the guy with the shallow grave-digging abilities.”

photo4Father-and-daughter team of Rob and Rachel turned in this really impressive shot.  Love the outfit!

“Here is our entry in your Guild Wars photo contest.  It is a father daughter collaboration, and yes both of us are in the picture.   The costume is hand made by us, we did the photography, and Rachel is the model.  So this really was a work of love.  At this time we share playing our copy of Guild Wars 2 and have great chats about out events in the game,” Rob wrote.

And that totally would have won except for a last-minute entry…

photo5Okay, I’m just impressed all around.  It’s not just the outfits, but the clever way to represent Mesmer illusions.  Vivian and her boyfriend worked on making this:

“These are photos of my boyfriend and I as our ranger and mesmer on the mountains of  Whistler, BC.  At first, he was too embarrassed to dress up, but he did so anyways and we had a good laugh out of it.  Hope you enjoy these as much as we did!”

They also turned in this shot of the two communing with a place of power:

photo6Congrats Vivian and thanks again to everyone who entered!


4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 photo contest results!

  1. Danania February 11, 2013 / 1:11 pm

    Those made me laugh. 😀

    Nick: That is so goofy I cant stop smiling.
    John: RIP.
    Garth’s victim: RIP.
    Rob and Rachel: Awesome, just awesome makeup, look, and costume. A+
    Vivian: Great ideas, great scene.
    Vivian’s boyfriend: With a nice green hat, you would make a good looking Link from Legend of Zelda.

  2. Timothy Wade February 11, 2013 / 1:17 pm

    Wow really good stuff! I’m happy im mnot the onlyu crazy cat out there! 😀 well done!

  3. Jitto February 14, 2013 / 7:37 pm

    This is very cool, congrats to you all

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