Poll: What MMO setting do you prefer the most?

Note: I’m not asking about genres and sub-genres here, just the backdrop/world that you play in.  As in, do you prefer a fantasy setting or a horror setting, etc.?

18 thoughts on “Poll: What MMO setting do you prefer the most?

  1. This is kinda hard for me to choose. I mean LOTRO is my main MMO, and that’s obviously a fantasy setting, but that would also be considered THE fantasy setting. Having tried other fantasy MMOs like Rift they just didn’t grab me at all, so maybe it’s not really the setting as a whole that I like.

    In the end, the setting of TSW, the Lovecraftian sorta stuff was quite intriguing, from what little I played of it. I love the whole ‘otherworldly abomination beyond human understanding’ angle, so I suppose that will have to get my vote.

  2. I’m still waiting for a good cyberpunk setting to show up.

    Bit of a hard-to-choose question though. I’m currently playing in fantasy (GW2), science fiction (SWTOR) and ancient+weird science (ATITD) settings, and while the setting has some effect on my liking of an MMO, the best setting in the world won’t make me stay if the game is no good or I don’t see a long-term future in investing my time in it.

  3. I agree strongly with F. Wick and disagree strongly with James! Low fantasy is my absolute top preferred setting and the very first thing I do in all MMOs is find the “Mature Language” filter and set it to Maximum Cleanness.

    Of the options in the poll I’d play any of those settings if the MMO was halfway-decent but the only one I have never played and would love to is Western. As far as I know there has never been real, 3D graphics traditional MMO set in The Old West. There really should be.

  4. Tough choice for me. I enjoy fantasy, but outside of Guild Wars, such settings in games feel like a scratched record. In the end, I voted contemporary, largely because the likes of TSW and APB let me play “Virtua Barbie” with my characters where most other MMOs give me a limited set of armours that not only look crap, but limit them further by character class. :\

    There really needs to be a urban fantasy game that isn’t as dark as TSW tries to be, though.

  5. High fantasy has always and will always be my favourite genre regardless of medium, but even I’m kind of burnt out on fantasy MMOs at this point, so I’m ready to celebrate any MMO that takes a different path. I do really love the spooky not-quite-real-but-frighteningly-close setting of TSW.

  6. I wonder if other settings/genres would have gotten more love if people had been able to pick more than one. I picked Fantasy because that seems to be the sort of game I play most often, but for me it’s more about the quality of the game itself than the general setting.

  7. Also, many of the best games seem to blur the lines a bit. Steampunk elements in the moslty fantastic WoW and GW2 for instance. Or serious fantasy alongside spaceships and lasers in SWTOR.

  8. Soooo many missing options, and actually some abnormalities.
    For example, Horror is not, for me, on the same level as historical/contemporary/post-ap’. As is fantasy. Two examples: TSW is a modern-days horror MMO, and Shadowrun stands in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting.

    This said, my favorite setting would be a “pulp” era (think Indiana Jones or Allan Quatermain). A bit of modern (planes, guns), a bit of fantasy (dinosaurs, hidden magical treasures), a bit of horror (zombies, vaudou), and the best archenemies ever: the nazis.
    Because let’s face it, there no thing close to kicking nazis’ butts (except maybe slapping a hobbit, but I’m a bit partial on this one…)

  9. Well, I tend to play Germans in WW2 shooters, so it be more like kicking yanks’ butts for me 😛

    Btw; what does “historical (war)” even mean? I read it as historically accurate as opposed to fantasy, like realistic medieval setting which I would very much favor. Someone told me it was supposed to mean like 20th century wars only… ?

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