Quote of the Day

“I’ll be short, you don’t have time to read stuff, you have some rape and carnage to get cracking on.”

~ Official Battleground Europe news post

One of my biggest slang pet peeves is whenever anyone — particularly in the gaming community — throws around the word “rape.”  But a developer?  Seriously?  Even one who’s in charge of an MMO that has, tops, 12 people, it’s bizarre and shameful.

You’re not a bigger man for using that word and your stock in the eyes of anyone who matters does not go up because you do.

/minirant over

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Couldn’t agree more, this word is never cool to misuse and it is never funny. I have seen it enough times in global chat in various games and I always call people out for misusing it. :-/

  2. As a woman, I really hate when this term is casually thrown about (as in “We got raped” to describe being soundly defeated in PvP.) I usually just keep quiet though as challenging it wouldn’t likely help. :/

  3. It’s a very sensitive term to use, and frankly given how traumatic it is for anybody, regardless of gender, to go through it just seems like simple tact to pick a different word.

    Not like we got a shortage of them to choose from.

  4. I think this is an instance of culture shock. I seriously doubt anybody who uses the word “rape” in a context such as this has any respect for it. It’s also very hard to enforce that respect, because a person really won’t understand what rape means unless they’ve been a victim themselves.

    Here’s a one-up for you, Syp. Even worse than this quote is when somebody gets killed in a game and says, “Oh man, I just got raped”.

  5. The problem is if this word continues to lose its meaning in the traditional sense, then those who are not aware of its original context, will lack empathy for those who are rape victims.

    Diminish the word, diminish the act.

    This is why we get odious phrases like collateral damage. It’s a way for monsters to divorce themselves from their crimes. It’s an odd thing about folk that do terrible things. They are happy to embrace the evil acts but seldom the label that goes with it.

    We should challenge the inappropriate use of this term wherever and whenever we see it.

  6. My guild mates in SWTOR use “rape” all the time as well, and I hate it. Rape itself makes me so very angry, and I really don’t like it when people mock with it like that. I haven’t been saying anything against it since it probably would only make things worse. There’s only 3 women in our pretty large guild. They are nice guys who don’t mean any harm, but they do swear a *lot*, the only thing I don’t really like about SWTOR.

  7. @Ravanel Griffon: Saying something probably won’t stop it, but it might help reduce the sense of exclusion. I’d not like being one of three with a lot more people casually using a word that is about me.

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