LOTRO: The Captain project

horseMy Captain in LOTRO is the longest-running character I’ve played, not just in that game but any MMO at all.  I think she came into existence around 2008, sat on the backburner until I got back into the game in 2010, and has been a companion ever since.  Sure, we have our periods of falling out where I start to look for a new date to the prom, but I just can’t quit her.  She completes me.

She’s also starting to fall apart due to neglect.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve been experimenting with various alts in the game, and due to a laser-intense focus on building those characters right did I realize just how shoddy my Captain’s build had become.  LIs and legacies?  I just go with whatever, couldn’t be bothered to fine-tune those weapons.  And the worst are her virtues, which I chose back in 2008 and stopped actively pursuing in 2011.

So I decided that the old lady needs a fresh coat of paint, and thus I took a reprieve from my adventures through Rohan (now with 100% more horsemeat burgers!) to see what I could do about shoring everything up.

One of her virtues, Determination, had to be scrapped entirely.  I don’t know what I was thinking by focusing on agility — maybe it was more beneficial for Cappies way back when? — but I know that I need Zeal and all of its yummy, yummy morale.  Unfortunately, I had accumulated a grand whopping total of one Zeal rank by now, which meant that I had 15 ranks to make up for in addition to about five ranks in total to bring my other virtues from 14 or 15 up to 16.  So I mapped out what had to be done and now I’m on a crazy tour back through earlier zones, slaughtering wildlife with abandon just to prove what a sterling hero I am.

And you can’t have a makeover project without redoing outfits, so I’m working on assembling her a few spiffy new duds so I don’t look so… generic.  There is a skirmish vendor armor set I want to buy that looks just incredible, so I think I’ll be doing that before too long.

Anyway, it’s a good feeling to be actively working on bringing her up to par and making her even better than before.

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