Guild Wars 2: A night in Frostgorge Sound

gw1Last night I was feeling a Guild Wars 2 jonesing, so I decided to make it 100% about that game all evening.  My engineer is currently plowing through the high-level zones in her madcap world completion quest, and that night’s focus was the frozen Frostgorge Sound.

I really love the wintery areas in Guild Wars 2, but I think this zone takes the prize in that category.  It’s just a beautiful place that features these giant breathtaking ice ships.  When I first saw one of those ships (above) I kept thinking, “You really don’t see sights like these in any other MMO.  You just don’t.”

I got into an exploration groove that started to go surprisingly well.  Around the two-hour mark, I realized that I could actually wrap up an entire zone in a single outing, which got me super-motivated to finish it before bedtime.  It helped that none of the vistas were tricky jumping puzzles and that there were relatively few heart quests to slow me down.  Actually, the whole zone felt really balanced between the four types of exploration points, and I even had time to stop for a couple of events.


Right before I finished up my last two unlocks, I saw the shadow of a giant ice dragon in the distance and decided to check it out.  I guess it was the big zone boss fight, and how can one say no to that?  I yoinked a bazooka and joined the crowd of players to take him down.  I especially loved the dragon’s animations and how it flew from one site to another, causing the whole attacking throng to make a dash for the new locale.  We got him down with few problems and I raked in some nice treasure for my troubles.

So that was that.  One zone knocked out in an evening, and it felt good.  I think I’m going to take a small break from world completion to work on my character’s personal storyline, which is still at… um… level 22.

14 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: A night in Frostgorge Sound

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  2. Can’t think of one boring zone in gw2 tbh, maybe the one with the big volcano, but again that was more frustrating than boring.

    Each to their own and all that.

    Nice to see you enjoying it Syp

  3. Since youre high enough level to map Frostgorge, youre going to walk through your storyline that you put off. It’s going to be a snorefest without any challenge what so ever. Problem is they dont make you advance the storyline to advance the game like they did in GW1. And since the party search options in the game suck, youll have to do it alone or with your guild.

  4. I did frostgate sound in one evening also, it was a fun atea to do. I liked swimming with the whales. I took a guild member back up there and for her birthday she got to swim with the whales also. She told me that was the best birthday present she ever had.

  5. That quote from Rowan’s mother has long been one of my favorites. I’m fond of prefacing it with “As my grandmother always used to say…” although I don’t believe she ever said anything of the kind. She did tell me that if I swallowed my gum it would wind around my heart and kill me, though

    I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in Frostgorge. At one point I had six characters parked there farming Orichalcum and I must have killed Claw of Jormag well over 50 times by now. It’s also the only high level map I’ve completed, unless you count Eternal Battleground or Yak’s Bend Borderland.

    I absolutely love snow zones in all games, but I’d have to say that I think Forstgorge is a pretty weak example. It’s by far the least visually appealing even of the snowy maps in GW2, and none of those are as good (visually) as either Carpathian Teeth in TSW or Iron Pine Peaks in Rift to my eyes.

    I’d also like to see the insufferable Kodan take a long walk off a short ice floe, them and their ridiculous carved icebergs they claim to have “sailed” in on. Floated where the current took them I bet! The Dredge mines are magnificent, though.

  6. Frostgorge Sound is the single best area in the game. It’s like Anet started out creating the game with huge ideas and enthusiasm with Frostgorge Sound, then gradually lost their drive and awesomeness by the time they got to Orr.

    I wish for more areas like Frostgorge Sound. I completed it in one evening as well, it was so much fun and exciting.

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