Indiana Jones, eat your heart out

TSW_Issue_6_insertYeah, The Secret World is so not being subtle with the whole Indiana Jones connection in Issue #6, but you know what?  I don’t care.  If you’re going to do an homage, go whole-hog — and that includes aping the style of the classic Indiana Jones posters.

9 thoughts on “Indiana Jones, eat your heart out

  1. Just posted about this myself. I love the Issue covers they do for TSW. The artwork is always great, and in different styles, and they really up the excitement for the new content.

  2. @McJigg: Yes, there will be time travel – it is stated in the announcement.

    Looking forward to this and I do want that whip ;)

  3. Said is possibly my favorite TSW character so I’m very interested in this. I hope I can make more progress with this than I did in the last DLC, though. Still stuck half way through on that and lost the will to carry on.

  4. I love it! It looks awesome! That Poster Rocks! Sounds like a Movie with Poster.

    I also loved being in Egypt, and look forward to going back.

    That dead mummy guy was one my favorite characters and a very much Mr Cool, since the first time I met him in an alley way on one my assignments in Egypt.

    Looking forward to this.

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