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Space invaders

privateerOn the most recent Massively Speaking, we fielded a question from a guy who was asking for recommendations of a space MMO that wasn’t PvP-centric like EVE (or, y’know, wasn’t EVE period) but had many of those features: exploration, creation, trading, ship upgrading, and so on.  He ruled out Star Trek Online, and that pretty much left us with our thumbs in our pockets.

The thing is, I would kill for an MMO like that.  I’ve been wanting one for years.  Spaceflight and Privateer were favorites of mine growing up, although even then I recognized that the space sim was not the most popular genre with gamers or the video game industry.  But there was something special about exploration, carving yourself out a niche in the wild frontier of space, landing on planets, and having the freedom to pursue stories, build up wealth, or go on the attack.

In a weird way, I kind of want Fallen Earth in space.  I’d love a rich crafting system, interesting quests, and a world (universe) that was constantly interesting to journey in.  Landing on and exploring planets is a huge must, too.

Maybe it’s that fantasy that scifi fans often have: of being your own captain, raising yourself up by your bootstraps and making something of yourself in the world.

A lot of folks have latched onto Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous as potential saviors in this regard.  I retain my skepticism about Kickstarter projects, but hey, if these actually become a thing, it might scratch that very itch.  There’s also Vendetta Online and Galaxy On Fire – Alliances that are working on mobile MMOs.

Whatever comes to be, I’d especially love it if the creators injected a lot of personality into the ships, races, and worlds.  STO had a good feel to it while EVE always seemed cold and distant.  It wouldn’t have to be uber-stylized, but an attempt to create a place that was interesting and cohesive enough to be compelling is important.

Anyway, I’ll chalk this up to wishes and horses.  It’d be great to get off a planet and go into space some day, especially if PvE is the focus of it all.

2 thoughts on “Space invaders

  1. Jumpgate might have been something that appealed to your desires, but sadly it was recently shut down. While it had a strong PvP element, it also had mining, trading, exploration (searching for artifacts in deep space) and PvE content as well.

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