Geocaching Quote of the Day

“I thought I had a good gift for detail, until I took up this hobby. Then I realised what true detecting skill is: seeing what’s right in front of you and realising its significance. Our lives are crazy busy. We have media and advertisements in our faces all day. We eat on the run. We never have time to catch up with old friends, or enough time to finish everything we’re working on. But when we stop, just for a moment, to appreciate something that’s staring us in the face, to focus entirely on one thing for just a short while, it stands out in our memory.”

~ Author Morgan Talbot


I haven’t done any geocaching this past winter.  With the new baby and icky weather, it’s just made sense to put it on hold.  But it’s definitely something I want to get back into when spring hits, as I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately.  I really like this quote because it not only applies to geocaching but life AND video games.  We stop seeing things all around us unless we’re given a reason to do so.  Maybe activities like geocaching help us to slow down.

I was thinking of that yesterday in Guild Wars 2 when I was crossing a rippling brook.  I stopped for a minute to appreciate how good it looked in its simplicity: water flowing over stones.  I thought about how far graphics had come, how many older MMOs have water effects that look like someone slapped a blue filter on a chunk of land and called it a day.  I walked in the water and imagined being there.  The details are good to notice.


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