Music of the Day: Syl’s LOTRO concert

Check out Syl’s top 10 songs that she likes to play in LOTRO for others!  It’s a great listen and a terrific reminder how powerful a player music system can be.


One thought on “Music of the Day: Syl’s LOTRO concert

  1. Jason March 16, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    Copied and pasted from what I tried to say on Massively, but the comments are down:

    You could call this Syp’s Tips(You can use that free of charge btw. No need to thank me.). I find it interesting that you do all that many and don’t raid. I used to raid in LOTRO on my Guardian and Warden until I stopped playing shortly after Rise of Isengard. I had a few maxed, but mostly didn’t worry too much about it. It was just the grind of it all. If they were to give me Agility Tomes to replace the Tier I-V ones that I purchased of the store for my Warden, I may consider coming back. I spent a LOT of money on those and now they are useless.

    As far as my tips for virtues, I only do the ones that I feel I can get some good money from them in grinding them, or a cool title(like the one for killing the salamanders). I really think that is why Turbine switches up classes so much. They want to make classes spend money on boosters. I would find it more refreshing if they just came out and said that was why they did it.

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