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The 10/10 Project: Intro

10 10 projectRuts: It’s easy to get into ’em, especially when you’re an MMO gamer.  About this time of year (late winter, early spring) I’m a particularly antsy gamer because I’ve dug into some deep ruts during the season while little if any new releases took place.  Not that I’m not having fun with what I have, it’s just that I’m craving a bit of freshness in my diet, a little change-up to keep things interesting.

So I’ve decided to do a personal project to expand my horizons and grow a little as a gamer.  I’m calling it the 10/10 Project: Check out 10 MMOs I’ve never (or practically never) played in my life over the course of 10 days (not sequential).  Just take 10 evenings and devote them to a single new game apiece.  I’m looking forward to it; I want to get out of my comfort zone and at least see what these games have to offer for the curious player.  At the very worst, I’ll get a bunch of new stories and posts out of it, and at the very best, an MMO might surprise me and hook me in.  Plus, it’ll expand my horizons if just a little bit.

I don’t care about the hours I’m going to put into each title, as this isn’t for any sort of comprehensive review or final judgment.  It’s just a tour of virgin MMOs for the fun of it.  I’m going to try to cover all 10 in two, two-and-a-half weeks while using “between” nights for my regular staples.

Here’s my line-up:

Day 1: RuneScape
Day 2: Aion
Day 3: PlanetSide 2
Day 4: Pirate101
Day 5: TERA
Day 6: MapleStory
Day 7: Neocron 2
Day 8: The Missing Ink
Day 9: Allods Online
Day 10: Rusty Hearts

Out of that list, the only titles I’ve ever logged into are Pirate101 (for the tutorial) and Allods Online (I think I played maybe 5 levels way, way back when).  It’s a good spread, and who knows?  If this proves interesting, I already have a second list of 10 games started somewhere.

And hey, if anyone wants to join me, then draw up your own list of 10 MMOs you’ve never tried and chronicle your one night stands with me (Hey bloggers: This could be an easy set of posts for you!).  Since there’s so much free-to-play out there, it’s not an expensive prospect.So here we go!  First up, RuneScape!

10 thoughts on “The 10/10 Project: Intro

  1. Sorry Syp, if you want it you gotta put a ring on it.

    I actually did check out Runescape a few months ago, after their combat changes. It seemed okay but it was like the game had changed too much while I was gone for me to get into it. Neat idea though, I might check out some of these when I get some free time.

  2. Aion is the only game on the list I’ve played. I’m not a big fan of WoW clones — when I want to play WoW, I play WoW — but of the ones I’ve played, it was easily the best. Visually, it’s probably my favourite MMO to date, the story is actually surprisingly good, the combat animations and sound effects are fantastic, and it actually has a decent ranger class for once. No bloody pets or minimum range or other irritating nonsense MMO developers foist on them usually.

    That said, it still didn’t hold much attention past level 30 or so. Just too similar to WoW. I keep meaning to go back to it, but I’ve yet to do so.

  3. I periodically find myself coming back to Rusty Hearts. It’s anime is a little off-putting, but it was very action oriented before action oriented was a thing. I’m not a huge fan of the anime genre, but the humor is great, and it’s definitely an MMO that’s not like any others. In fact, they borrowed a lot from Rusty Hearts to use in Neverwinter. The jazz and hard rock music is kinda addictive, too.

    Other then that, I tried Maplestory… and lasted all of 5 minutes. It just was not for me.

    Good luck, and I may make my own list… but trying new things is nothing new for me. 🙂

  4. I checked out Rusty Hearts when it was part of a Steam Christmas thingie (basically had to play just for a little bit to get an achievement for a Steam lucky dip draw). It was quite a bit of fun actually, and I stuck around and played it regularly for a couple of weeks. Didn’t keep my hooked any longer terms than that, though.

    But pretty fun action, and a very weird setting that definitely left you thinking that the translations had been done by someone who didn’t really speak both the original language and English.

  5. TERA tip, research Taugrim’s keyboard layout/key mapping. It takes some time to get used to but it is immensely usefull. The concept is pretty good and modified it to suit my needs.

  6. I think I am going to try this it sounds like fun, but because grad school cuts into gaming time these days, might take me a while to complete my 10!!! But challenge accepted!

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