Introducing Battle Bards: The world’s first MMO music podcast!

bardssquaresmallI’m really excited and proud to announce a new project: Battle Bards, an MMO music podcast!  Ever since I started writing about MMO soundtracks, I’ve realized that there are others out there who are equally enthusiastic about these scores — and that a podcast would be an excellent way to share our collective passion.  It’s taken us a few months to get organized and figure out how best to do the show, but here it is, the first episode of Battle Bards!

Our maiden episode is all about our favorite main themes.  Give it a listen and give us feedback!

Episode 1 Show Notes:

Contact the Bards:

Special thanks to Tish Tosh Tesh for the logo!

9 thoughts on “Introducing Battle Bards: The world’s first MMO music podcast!

  1. Great job. Lots of insights. I was a little jealous at not being included. 😛 But listening, I realized I play in the shallow end of the MMO soundtrack pool. ><

  2. Love the idea, love the editing.

    I love the EQ soundtrack, even the initial Midi songs. Every zone had it’s own tune and the second you logged in you knew where you are without even looking at the screen. Also it’s my “first-love-MMO”, so I can’t say anything bad about it. 😀

  3. Great episode and idea. Going to be listening to future episodes for sure. May I suggest doing another show or two on main themes. There are just so many good ones out there.

  4. I’m pretty sure my music terminology is wrong here but…

    …I think there’s a very clear split between ones I’d put in the themelike bucket (EQ, UO, GW:Prophecies, Allods) – a single tune that sounds like it will be used in varying forms through the rest of the work – and the ones I’d put in the overturelike bucket (Wiz101, STO, TSW, WoW:Vanilla) – a piece of music that sounds like it combines several themes from work the into one shorter but coherent piece to give you taste of what is to come.

    Of course Final Fantasy XI ends up being a thing I can’t seem to really place in either category 🙂

    Oddly for Everquest with the midi EQ1 version seems pretty clearly a theme to me, but the EQ2 version seems pretty clearly a overture.

    If I split them up like that then UO’s Stones jumps right out at me as the strongest theme, and WoW:Vanilla the punchiest overture, both by a decent margin. And I hadn’t heard Stones until the podcast.

    I think EQ is my least favourite theme, I’m guessing due to it trying to be rather too bombastic for it’s midi form for me. I think being a bit sparer on organ stops would have helped it a lot.

    Wizard101 is my least favourite of all of them, I’m with you in wanting to give it good shake and tell it to calm down and stop trying pack everything and the kitchen sink in. Even in an overture you want to stick to a few themes and not attempt to stuff every single one in there all at once 🙂

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