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The 10/10 Project: TERA, no, Book of Heroes (Day 5)

bookYou know what’s the very definition of “not fun?”  When you spend the better part of a day downloading a 28-gig client only to have it not function whatsoever.  It was actually going well with TERA up to that point: The registration was easy, the download started right away, and the downloader had a nice array of tools and information going on.  It was only at the end, when I logged in and saw the bright “PLAY!” button that someone or something did a bodyguard “NOOOOOOOO!” and dove between me and the game, because clicking play did nothing.  Not a thing.

I got out of it, started again.  Nothing.  Checked my firewall, virus checker, etc, nothing.  Cleared out the launcher folder, re-downloaded just that, nothing.  Went online and saw dozens of threads about this, followed advice, nothing.  I have no idea what TERA was doing to my computer, either, because I could never find the actual game directory.  Where did it go?  Albania?  Perhaps.  But I’ll tell you one thing: When I’m just looking to give a game an honest try for an evening, there’s a limit to how many hoops I’m willing to jump through.  Not that I was salivating over TERA anyway.

So I uninstalled (from where?  Where was all this phantom data going and coming from?) and pondered.  I needed an MMO to check out and I didn’t have time to download a huge client.  Browser MMOs it would be, then, except that none really leaped out at me.  Some suggestions over twitter directed me toward interesting-looking text-based affairs, but most of those required an investment of multiple days (i.e. limited adventures per day).  So what?

I decided to take a recommendation from Shawn Schuster to check out a mobile title instead: Book of Heroes.  But you already knew that because you saw the headline above.  Clever girl.

Book of Heroes is a menu-driven RPG where you make a character (only three classes here, bub), go on quests, and mostly kill a lot of things.  Combat’s a bit strategic even though you’re just looking at static pictures of mobs.  I found myself figuring out different skill rotations for various fights and strongly considering how I should invest my skill points when I leveled up.  A little thought into fights is welcome.  Because hit points don’t regenerate between fights and sometimes you have to win several fights in a row without going back to a temple to heal up, minimizing damage and winning quickly is paramount.

It’s one of those games that gives you only a limited amount of energy for actions before having to wait for a timer to count down to give you more (or, y’know, pay money).  For the start, the amount of actions seemed pretty decent, about a 10-15 minute play session with a couple hours’ recharge time.  One nice little bonus is that if you leveled up, your energy level is reset.

I like how the game connects you to others.  There are guilds and chat, although the primary goal of both is to throw players into “raids” — areas where you are fighting at the same time alongside your guildies to see if collectively you can overcome a challenge.  The one time that I saw a guild raid I took part, and I liked knowing that I was contributing to the win.

Anyway, it’s a slick little game.  I appreciate that it gives me some no-nonsense bite-sized sessions, interesting combat, and a ton of things to do.  I kind of wish that loot acquisition was more than mostly money (I didn’t see a lot of gear drop in my time) and that there was more of a personality to the quests/NPCs/areas.  But overall, I enjoyed it.

Will I play it again?  More than I’ll be playing TERA, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “The 10/10 Project: TERA, no, Book of Heroes (Day 5)

  1. 1. The startup for TERA is insanely long. I could easily make a cup of tea in the time it took to load. When it worked.

    2. IIRC the files went into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Happy Cloud\TERA or something like that.


  2. I understand how you feel. When all i played was one MMO installing and uninstalling meant nothing to me. Now that i jump and switch around I do feel that more attention to be given to make installing this whales much more easier and faster.
    Anyways I insist that you give Tera another try. Maybe after the project, once you have had a break from looking at loading bars. I insist because Tera is worth it, a lot of love and talent went into making that game and it shows in the visuals and game play.

  3. TERA does have a lengthy load time. Almost as bad as TOR. Actually, no, I take it back, nothing is worse than TOR. At least with TERA it loads once and you are done. TOR takes that long on every re-zone.

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