Poll: What MMOs and MOBAs did you play in March?

Whoops, I almost forgot to ask you all what you played in March!  I’ve made a few changes to the list, mostly by expanding it as much as possible and including major MOBAs in the count.  As usual, click on any and all MMOs/MOBAs you played.

9 thoughts on “Poll: What MMOs and MOBAs did you play in March?

  1. Add Warframe to that list. It’s a new third person shooter RPG type thing, reminds me of Global Agenda a bit. Well done game, lots of fun to play. Is on Steam for easy access. Space Ninjas With Guns.

  2. Played my standard recent mix this month, but have gotten hooked on a new one for me at least…. League of Legends. I have a circle of about 7-8 friends who are currently into it. It is the type of game I would never “solo queue” as they seem to call it… but with a full team of friends it is fun. I suck pretty horribly, but right now I suck less at Garen, Shen and Alistair :)

  3. All The Secret World, all the time. Until my internet died… now it’s no online gaming for me until Comcast fixes it…

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