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The Secret World: Tweets and buzzes

The Secret World’s contemporary setting offers the game’s creators plenty of opportunities to extend the game into our world via blogs and websites and whatnot.  The more I play and discover these sites through missions, the more I’m amazed at how much had to be done outside of the game proper to blur the line between reality and fiction.

What amuses me most is that Funcom’s established Twitter accounts for several of the game’s characters.  It’s even more amusing that you see these characters interacting with each other over this medium.  Here’s a few of them with some choice tweet quotes:

Said (@PrunePrince): “The Messenger & the message too. Living memes. Ever wonder if Demotivational posters could eat your brain or a cat pic could kill?”

“Of all my nostalgias, never for a moment did I miss being surrounded by maniacs with whips. You get what you pay for, I suppose.”

Kristen Geary (@CorporateBlues): “An expert analysed images of the thing. He gouged his own eyes out. As soon as we have him talking again, we’ll find out why.”

“No more pics of me, K? Nod if you understand. Use that new smartphone to google the term ‘scorched earth.'”

Nassir (@BoomBoom_Man): “best way to start week… dancing!!!”

The Buzzing (@The_Buzzing): “We saw. WE SAW. The phone screamed obscenities. The poor phone was frightened.”

“The lonly woman with saw dust and thread. Mummified cats grin at her. She never lets go.”

Carter (@Innsmouth66): “I’m OK! Long-short: two wraiths came out of the box. Montag sent them away (it’s good to have that kind of scary on your side).”

“Oh! Supplies appreicated. Especially for Danny. I worry about him out there. He’s partial to cheese doodles. Orange fingers!”

Danny (@katanaguyissue1): “Kind of in an Evil Dead I funk. Rather have an Evil Dead II humor.”

“M, don’t play with that! That’s Clive Barker bad. I swear to Romero, parents aren’t letting their kids watch enough horror.”

Superior Realities notes that the interactions between these characters sometimes results in a story/extra-game mission that can be solved for store points.  I haven’t done this yet, but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on things.

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