Guild Wars 2: Exploding pink butterflies

gamsMy focus in Guild Wars 2 as of late has been with my punk Mesmer. The Mesmer is an interesting change of pace, and I’m still getting the hang of the class’ mechanics. It’s a caster class that does a lot of strange things, like summon temporary clones/illusions, mess with enemies’ heads, and fiddle with conditions. There’s a lot of variety in weapon choices, ranging from a two-handed sword (which is actually used to channel ranged damage) to one-handed swords (for slashing melee) to a staff (group attack/debuff/buffs), and so on. Many of these weapons impact which illusion you’ll be pulling out, and I’m somewhat partial to having an off-hand pistol for the illusionary pistoleer.

My favorite part of the class is detonating illusions and clones to hit enemies with damage or status effects. Yeah, fear the power of my exploding pink butterflies, fool! It took me a little while to get used to how disposable my clones are; I was reluctant to get rid of any assets on the field. But exploding them at the right moment can provide a huge damage spike that can severely weaken or take out a group of bad guys, and getting new ones is not that difficult.

I really do have to be light on my feet, since I can go down pretty fast. Who would have thought that wearing a French maid outfit wouldn’t give me much protection in the middle of battle? Perhaps my character is trying to dazzle everyone with her legs. Everyone knows that Charr have a weakness for gams.

I’ve been slowly going through Queensdale, trying to build up levels so that I’m not biting off more than I can chew. This time around I’m definitely focusing a lot more on events which has been pretty enjoyable. Forget the cutscenes of the personal story; the NPC interactions during these events are much more engrossing. Escorts are usually my least favorite (per usual), but I’m always up for taking back a camp or defending an area from marauding whatevers. The chaos can feel like a genuine pitched battle, and I’m pleased to see how players are still gravitating toward these events and help each other out during them. One of the best design decisions that ArenaNet made in this game was allowing any player to resurrect at any time.  Definitely helps to enforce team spirit.

And teen spirit


here we are now

entertain us

i feel stupid

and contagious

Whatever happened to Nirvana, anyway?  They kind of disappeared off the radar.

9 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Exploding pink butterflies

  1. After some time battling at wvw, I can say for sure mesmer is one of the strongest pvp class. It is too much good for infiltrating keeps. Last keep that Tarnished Coast conquered, the commander was very specific to everyone look all corners for any enemy mesmer hiding.

    I am convinced there are no weak class in wvw… there are people that just don’t know how to play their class. Maybe some classes really need some tweaking, but I doubt there are any really “weak” class in wvw.

  2. Mesmer is a really weird class, but I like it a lot. There’s nothing quite like it, in GW2 or any other game I’ve played. Illusions aren’t really pets, but they also aren’t just combo points to power shatters, either. They’re both, and they’re neither.

    The learning curve for mesmer is really steep, but once you get used to it, it can be very rewarding. Took my a long time to find a set of weapons I like, but I finally settled on staff/sword+pistol.

  3. Mesmer was my first class, for precisely the reason Tyler stated: There’s nothing else really like it. I really enjoyed it’s functionality, its variety, and its theme. Illusion is so rarely used as a really valid combat type in any fantasy, but in fact it can be incredibly powerful, as mesmer shows. Great post!

  4. I’m just finishing levelling my Mesmer alt at the moment.. I have to agree with what Tyler said – it’s what I call a finesse class, which means that it badly under-performs in the hands of a poor player but is capable of amazing things in the hands of a great player (or so I’ve seen in videos – I don’t class myself in the “great player” category). Clone management is a big part of the class – build up to 3 clones on the field ASAP (which is easy after level 40, if you get the trait that creates a clone when you dodge – and really, is there any Mesmer who DOESN’T have that trait?) and then put all of your shatter skills to good use.

  5. Gave up on my mesmer. You don’t have time to build the clones to make a difference in group play – the mobs go down too fast. And the class is very brittle when running solo.

    Not sure if trolling, but Nirvana basically morphed into Foo Fighters…

  6. My Mesmer is up to 75 now, and has pretty much replaced my Guardian (level 80) as my main. So much more fun, so much more versatile. The fragility thing sort of wears off after a while, as your clones and phantasms eventually become pretty good at grabbing mob aggro and with 4 targets to bounce between the mobs only rarely hit my Mesmer unless things go bad or I screw up.

    I’ve mostly soloed, though I’ve run a dungeon or two as well. The class seems really easy solo, thanks to the illusions and a large bag of tricks. Not so good if you get jumped though, dominating a battle requires setup.

    I prefer Staff for veteran mobs (stacking piles of debuffs makes them nearly harmless, and condition damage is better at wearing them down) and greatsword for everything else.

    @kiantremayne, I had the “clone on dodge” trait for a while, but it never seemed to do anything, so I dropped it. Did I miss something? I have a random collection of clone and phantasm buffing traits instead.

  7. Lol, I literally fell over howling with laughter at the start of this post: punk Mesmer, hilarious!! I have a Mesmer myself in GW2, and he’s fabulous at Pvp so I have to agree with you – sheesh in normal settings he’s squishy as anything (though he’s the best at taking down those periscopes; I have developed an inane love of hunting them down and then setting off every single distracting element he has, while he blows them up – it’s great!).

    Btw, I love that Nirvana song you mentioned – personally I think they did a good job of it in “Moulin Rouge”. But that’s just me.

  8. You picked one of the two professions I haven’t really played (Warrior is the other). I dabbled with a mesmer before settling on a rogue. Eventually, I’ll get another slot and learn to play.

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