SWTOR: A Bounty Hunter on the prowl

BlizzBecause getting ready to go on a vacation and preparing for Neverwinter’s soft launch tomorrow isn’t enough to keep me busy, I loaded back up SWTOR to check out the game’s changes since 2.0 went live.  I thumbed through the few characters that I’d created during the subscription era and found a fresh new Bounty Hunter with an unlocked race and expanded inventory to enjoy.  Sounds good to me.  Guess I’ll try my hand at a tank.

It’s not been terrible returning.  The combat isn’t as free-flowing as what I’m used to in GW2, but it’s satisfying and scratches the ranged combat itch in me.  I particularly like the addition of achievements, a few of which are tied to tangible rewards (such as cartel coins).  It does seem like there aren’t as many rewards tied in with these as I’d prefer, but it’s nice to have secondary goals while puttering around on a planet.

So I’m getting used to Ghostfire, a Bounty Hunter who loves to indulge in dark side choices while being sugary and sweet to those she likes.  Going through Hutta is a huge nostalgia trip as I feel all of my long-term memories being downloaded back into short-term for quick recall.  Oh, there’s where that datacron is.  I remember this quest.  Those aliens really want to make me kick their butt.  Etc.

I think LOTRO is spoiling me with its remote looting, because clicking on mobs to loot seems so passe now.  Even GW2/TSW allows you to loot nearby corpses with a button press, which is much faster.

I think I’ll be keeping my time with SWTOR pretty casual right now.  I know that XP gains dip for F2Pers after level 10, which does a number on my enthusiasm for gaming, but we’ll see how bad it is.  I saw that joining a guild gives you a 5% XP gain boost, and perhaps running the three flashpoints per week can supplement things to keep me up to par.

Maybe one day I’ll see the expansion content, even.  I’ve heard good things.  But for now I’m just trudging through the industrial muck of Hutta and dreaming about one day finding a Jawa sidekick to love.


4 thoughts on “SWTOR: A Bounty Hunter on the prowl

  1. Zombiepirate April 25, 2013 / 5:21 am

    I know that some folks have moaned that we only got 5 new levels and one new planet but the story for Makeb is really good and I did enjoy it, even if it does seem a little short.

  2. Trippin Ninja April 25, 2013 / 10:08 am

    Powertech is a really fun class, you should have a good time. The pyrotech tree was my choice, burning all my foes to the ground was awesome. He is a beast in pvp too, I hear the tank spec is more viable post 2.0 as well.

    As for the xp drop after level 10, I have heard as long as you do all the side quests and the occasional flashpoint, warzone or space missions you should be ok. Also, the boosts are pretty cheap and the timer doesn’t tick while in cut scenes so they last awhile.

  3. Leah April 26, 2013 / 7:20 am

    technically, you don’t have to click on body specifically, just in a general vicinity and as long as you have area loot selected in preferences, one click and you are done. not sure how it works in LOTRO, haven’t played it in a while, but it seems actually nicer than guild wars to me, with its “stand super close to body, until f highlights” >_>
    xp reduction is not that big of a deal either, plus bounty hunters have some of the best sarcastic lines in a game 😛 I’m in perpetual gleeful cackle mode, when I play mine 😛

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