Happy Neverwinter soft launch day! (and yes, I’m playing)

nwnscreenSo here and there I’ve had people ask and/or act surprised about me playing Neverwinter.  Yes, I’m planning on getting into this new D&D title and no, I don’t have huge reservations about doing so.  I’m also covering it for Massively.

I have a particular fondness for Cryptic and its mid-sized MMOs.  There’s always issues with bugs and skimpy content, but what’s there is usually pretty enjoyable.  Plus, I like the studio’s devotion to F2P; Star Trek Online still has one of the most generous F2P models, and Neverwinter looks to be similar.

Neverwinter really wasn’t on my radar until I started hearing surprisingly positive reports about it from conventions.  You know the type: “I expected this to be a turd, but dang if it isn’t the sleeper hit of the show” kinds of things.  Not perfect, but fun to play.

That’s the impression I got from the few beta weekends I participated in.  While the character creator is really skimpy and the Foundry reportedly in shambles, the core game itself looks fantastic and is pretty fun to play.  It’s more action/arcade-like than a traditional MMO, but for some reason it works here.  The dungeons still have plenty of traps and secrets to navigate, the combat has oomph to it, and the world is classic D&D.

Plus, there are several features in Neverwinter that I love to see: a useful group finder, combat companions (which can be leveled and swapped), cosmetic clothing, player-created content, and mounts that can be used in the city.  I do have plans to make my own adventures for others to experience, and I’ll be letting you all know when that happens.  They’ll probably all revolve around killing Elves.

As a mid-size game, I’m not heaping expectations on it, either.  It’s not going to be an industry-changer in any sense, but if it entertains and gives me reason to keep on playing, I’ll be happy.

7 thoughts on “Happy Neverwinter soft launch day! (and yes, I’m playing)

  1. Just too bad it costs $200 to play the game today (25th) . The $60 i paid seems to be only good from the 27th 😦 . I hoped all founders would start 25th, but alas, more waiting .

  2. I was pretty impressed with the beta and almost preordered but never pulled the trigger. I will probably check it out post launch though. This is my favorite Cryptic title so far.

  3. I’ll probably give Neverwinter a shot once it’s open to the public. Actually, I’m sure I will; I’m just not sure I’ll do it right away.

    I have a really low opinion of Cryptic, so my expectations are not high, but putting aside my bias against the dev, pretty much everything I’ve heard about it makes it sound like a game I’d like. I’m definitely in the mood for a more action-y MMO, and I like how casual-friendly it sounds.

    I just wish there were better class choices. Only five classes at launch is a pretty big downer.

  4. I’m looking forward to Neverwinter but I can happily wait until Tuesday. It made sense to pre-order for TSW and GW2, where a box purchase was required or you weren’t playing at all but the logic of paying $200, or even $60 for a few days headstart on a game that you can have for nothing in less than a week’s time escapes me.

    I hope you’re wrong about The Foundry being “in shambles”, though. First I’d heard of that and The Foundry is the main reason I’m interested in NW in the first place.

  5. @bhagpuss, Well, you’re not paying $200 or $60 for a headstart, you’re paying for a heap of in-game goodies, that also happen to come with a headstart. Whether the in-game stuff is actually worth the $60 or $200 is certainly debatable (I don’t think it really is, especially the $200) but no need to make it sound like the only thing you get for $60 over a free player is a 3 day head start 😛

  6. I’ll certainly check out NW after launch, but I can’t imagine investing a lot of time in questing, leveling, grinding gear etc. Guess I will play it more like an arcade game, maybe a bit like WoT.
    But we do not currently have an MMO for that, so it seems NW actually fills a gap here which is definitely a good thing and more than you can say about any of the major titles launched in the past 20 months or so.

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