April MMO/MOBA poll results

I’m back and a little more tan than I was a week ago.  Also, I got to hold a baby alligator!  My life is so dang rich.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the results from our April survey of MMOs and MOBAs that Bio Break readers played:

The Top 15

  1. Guild Wars 2 (89 votes, no change)
  2. LOTRO (69 votes, no change)
  3. SWTOR (58 votes, +2 spots)
  4. World of Warcraft (57 votes, -1 spot)
  5. Neverwinter (56 votes, +3 spots)
  6. The Secret World (54 votes, -2 spots)
  7. Defiance (35 votes, -1 spot)
  8. World of Tanks (29 votes, +1 spot)
  9. Star Trek Online (24 votes, -2 spots)
  10. [tie] RIFT (16 votes, no change)
  11. [tie] EVE Online (16 votes, +5 spots)
  12. Path of Exile (14 votes, +2 spots)
  13. [tie] Diablo 3 (13 votes, NA)
  14. [tie] League of Legends (13 votes, -1 spot)
  15. [tie] PlanetSide 2 (13 votes, -2 spots)

While Guild Wars 2 retains the #1 spot, it got fewer votes this past month than it did in March.  Neverwinter and SWTOR made good gains, although in Neverwinter’s case that’s to be expected.  The only new title on the top 15 was Diablo III, so overall this has remained pretty stable.


DDO (12 votes), Age of Wushu (12 votes), EverQuest II (12 votes), DCUO (8 votes), TERA (8 votes), and Marvel Heroes (8 votes).

TERA continues to slide (last month it had 21 votes) while the rest remain pretty constant in this mid-level tier.  Good to see DDO and EQII still kicking, I have to say.

The Dregs

Guild Wars 1 (6 votes), EverQuest (6 votes), Wizard101 (5 votes), Pirate101 (5 votes), MechWarrior Online (5 votes), Darkfall (5 votes), Scarlet Blade (5 votes), WURM Online (5 votes), Age of Conan (4 votes), Firefall (4 votes), Dota 2 (4 votes), Unnamed beta (4 votes), Champions Online (3 votes), Vanguard (3 votes), Final Fantasy XIV (3 votes), Pirates of the Burning Sea (2 votes), Fallen Earth (2 votes) and Warhammer Online (2 votes).

WAR didn’t even get a single vote last month, so good to see it struggling up!  FF14’s position on the list will certainly change when it relaunches, so consider that temporary.

The One-Pointers

SMITE, RuneScape, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Global Agenda, Free Realms, DUST 514, Wizardry Online, War Thunder, Need for Speed World, Uncharted Waters Online, Warframe, RaiderZ, The Endless Forest, Book of Heroes, Ingress, Allods Online, Wakfu, APB Reloaded, City of Steam, and Vindictus.

No Votes

Asheron’s Call, Asheron’s Call 2, Runes of Magic, Ultima Online, PlanetSide, Clone Wars Adventures, Final Fantasy XI, A Tale in the Desert, Lineage, Lineage II, Mabinogi, and Eden Eternal.

Kind of surprised there wasn’t even a single vote for FF11 considering its recent expansion launch.


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