Five Good Things VI: Good Things Live!

oddI’m still getting settled in from my vacation last week, and as to be expected, I haven’t put in a lot of video game time lately.  That said, here are five good things that I’ve appreciated from my trip!

1. Room Service

I’m kind of the cook of the family, so I spend a lot of time making meals and feeding these four vagrants that have set up residence in this house.  I don’t mind it, but I’ll tell you, it was bliss to have one week where the world catered to my stomach instead.  The best part of this was ordering room service, which we did at least once a day.  I swear, it’s positively heady to know that you can pick up the phone and say, “Food!  Here!  Now!” and someone will bring you plates full of goodies.

Yes, I ordered an international cheese plate at 11:30 at night.  What of it?

2. Odd Thomas series

Dodge recommended that I check out the Odd Thomas book series, so I put a few of them on my Kindle for the trip.  Over the course of the week, I devoured all six books (a seventh is coming later this month) and found a new favorite.

I’ve never read Dean Koontz before, but I have to say that this at least was pretty darn good.  Odd Thomas is a likable fry cook who has learned to cope with the fact that he can see ghosts.  It sounds pretty been-there-done-that, but there’s a lot more to it than a latent Sixth Sense ripoff.  Odd doesn’t shy away from using his handful of supernatural gifts to help ghosts and people, although it puts him in terrible situations that get more and more gonzo as the series progresses.  At the core of each book is a mystery, and the highly moral Odd is usually pitted against pure evil in its many forms.  There’s some scifi, some horror, some thriller, plenty of adventure, and even a hefty dose of comedy (Odd’s first person perspective is often tongue-in-cheek).  Great stuff — check it out!

3. Thunderstorms

One of the nights on the cruise I was sitting on my balcony and got to watch a distant thunderstorm play out over the water.  It was really incredible, especially with nothing blocking the view.  Kind of looked like artillery constantly detonating in low-lying clouds.

4. Happy Endings

My wife and I brought the second season of Happy Endings to watch at night on the cruise.  I really didn’t expect much out of it at first, but this has turned into a pretty darn funny show.  The jokes come quick and smart, the characters are just weird enough to be interesting without being annoying, and I love how they’re not afraid to play out goofy situations.  My wife calls it her “new Friends,” which is something the show actually references (including “fat Joey”).

5. Coming Home

As good as any trip is, I love coming home.  I especially love it when my daughter runs up to the door, throws her arms out, and says, “Welcome home mom and dad, we made you a sign!”  It was our first time being away from all of the kids for more than a night, so we made it up to them by bringing out the sleeping bags and throwing a slumber party.

3 thoughts on “Five Good Things VI: Good Things Live!

  1. I didn’t say it before, but welcome back. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Where did you guys go?

  2. “It was our first time being away from all of the kids for more than a night, so we made it up to them by bringing out the sleeping bags and throwing a slumber party.”

    It gets easier, for them and for you. (-:

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