Poll: What classic game should I journal here on Bio Break?

So I was checking out the latest weekly sale on GOG.com and once again felt the urge to really invest some time into one of the many games that I’ve bought or downloaded for free.  I’d like to do a sporadic series here on Bio Break chronicling my journeys through them, but I thought that maybe you could help me choose my first adventure.

Here are the games in my account.  Which should I journal first?

11 thoughts on “Poll: What classic game should I journal here on Bio Break?

  1. I voted Ultima VII, if only for the fact I’d love to read your opion and about your experience with the game. I haven’t played it myself, but I am very curious about it!

  2. I voted Ultima. With the Shroud of the Avatar in the works, I think it would be interesting to read about your experiences in the Ultima Series.

  3. Forget Planescape, it doesn’t need any promotion. Do Beyond Good & Evil, one of the most under-appreciated games of all time.

  4. Planescape. I have made two serious attempts to complete the game but never managed to get to the end. Still spent many engrossed hours playing it though.

  5. Star Control 2, because:
    A) it’s something a bit different from the usual RPG diet
    B) it’s awesome
    C) it has moments of pants-wettingly funny that it would be a crime to miss

  6. I’d say HOMM3 just because its a game I have many fond memories of and a game which I always contemplate getting back to. Possibly you making a journal of it would inspire me to do just that.

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  8. Yay Ultima! But it looks like Planescape is winning. Also thinking of HOMM3. But then…. what made you put Savage Empire up there? Easily the worst of the Worlds of Ultima duo (the steampunky Martian Dreams is much sweeter, imo). And… no lie… a few months ago I started playing Savage Empire. It’s definitely… interesting.

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